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My CharmFactory Giveaway Winner!!!

I have been holding giveaways every now and then in my blog. I admit the prize might not have been that great, but nevertheless, we all love winning. Don't we? Recently I held a giveaway from Charmfactory where the winner got to choose of the the bracelets from this link here. The bracelets are made of sterling silver, the purest form of silver that can be used in accessories.

The giveaway is closed now and I would like to thank everybody for particiapting and making this a success. I would also like to thank Uzma and Anshita ( vanity). Even though they did not enter, they helped me to spread the message around.
Now, it's time I declare the winner.

The winner is Namita!!!!!

Call it karma, Namita while doing the blogpost for this giveaway wrote in a way which absolutely moved me. It's because of her kindness and positive attitude that she put in such beautiful introduction for me here.

Namita, I am mailing you. Kindly revert to me withing 48 hours.

For those of you who did not win, no worries. There are lots of giveaways coming up in near future both for national and international followers. Just watch out this space.


  1. Yikes!!!!!!!! Nivvvvv :D :D :D :D

    I won I won :)

    Thankyouuuu so muchhhhhhhhhh :)
    wat a New year start ,, :D

    Bless you,,,


    I will call it my Friendship Bracelet from Niv :) <3 <3

  2. Hahahah! I'm honored. :) Now, be a good girl once again and mail me :P

  3. oh I will :) m just deciding on which one to choose,,

    help me select one :)

  4. Arre, just randomly select one. :P

  5. arre you must help :P

  6. LOL!!! SElect your favorite color jaldi jaldi. I am going out for a while :P

  7. Congrats Namita :)
    2012 starts on such a luck note :touchwood:

  8. Hey Congrats Namita :)

  9. she wrote very achhi achhi battein for you..ask me for the buri buri maatei..hahaha!!
    congrats namita
    and happy new year nivedita :)

  10. Thank you all... :)

    @ Niv : will email you soon :),,

  11. Hey :) have emailed you :)

    Have a grt day :)


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