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My December Empties

So far, I have decided to stick to my New Year's resolution no matter how I am looking forward to Maybelline;s BB Cream or the Go-Chic Glosses from faces.. or even the sale at The Body Shop. How is the friendly shopaholic doing? let's see.

ok 9.5 products!!! Wondering about the fraction? read on
The first 5
1) My Sungrace Sunscreen lotion. It's alost finished, but two or three pumps more to go. So, it's counted as .25 product :P
2) Himalaya Face Moisturizing Lotion
3) Himalaya Deep Cleansing Milk
4) Lakme Face Souffle
5) Rimmel Macara

6) Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion
7) Biotique Sunscreen Lotion in SPF 75 ( review soon with the empty bottle :P)

8) Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Pencil
9)Lakme Lip laquer
10 ) Boro Calemdula -- I am counting everything!!

Now, the other .25. My Lakme lipliner is almost finished. How can I click it if the pencil is finished? So, I clicked before hand and it'd be finished in  a day or two.
That's how the two almost finished products makeup the .5 . LOL!!

So, I am now eligible to a treat 5+5 of 2 products. What about you?

PS: Expect a post like this by the end of this month :)


  1. Thats wonderful, so hard to finish up the products na.. even I am planning not to buy a lipstick until I finish at least one of them :P.. But these shopping sites are so tempting.
    You keep up with the good work girl :)

  2. u are on a great mission. wish u all the best. :D btw, review the sungrace sunscreen plz..

  3. nice thought nivi...i will also try something like this...

  4. lovely post Nivi, I love Himalaya deep cleansing milk, great post <3

  5. I love the goal you have set for yourself. I need to the same thing. My room is really cluttering with products everywhere... most of which I don't even use regularly, just bought on impulse :/

  6. Congrats! I like your idea a lot - hmmm, maybe I too can do something like this :D

  7. gr8 idea..once i thought of doing it and took out all my stuff and after a week threw everything out ..bad me !

  8. @ Indgal: I thought a total no-ban would be a huge let down. So, 5 for 1. Keeps me motivated!! But everytime I open a site, I sigh...
    @Kuheli: Look who's talking!!! :P
    @Pavani: Surely do it! We can exchange links may be? I'd be fun.
    @Raksha: Thank you dear. Yeah! It does a great job. But I have found my HG!! Keep guessing!!!

  9. @SOL: hahaha. Thinking of giving this a try again? :P
    @Tanveer: Thanks a ton!!Sure!! Join the club and keep us updated!!!

  10. @Ana: Poor makeups!! Where did you throw? I would have wanted to catch them! let me know na?

  11. Congratulations! :D
    Sounds like a great plan, I'll get on board....after a tiny Maybelline haul, have to encourage their BB initiative na, hehe

  12. Thats awesome..I finish the body lotions mostly..all else takes tooo much time to resist new stuff :p

  13. LOL u r seriously counting everything! lets see how you fare :P

  14. greatttt :) :) its a good thing to do Niv :)

  15. 10 products in one month is fantastic!! Your doing good girl!! So what two products are your going to buy with your allowance? :-)

  16. Great empties.Very persistent of you :P and inspiring too.

  17. this post really inspires me in a way.....<3

  18. I ♥ this one! I'm currently addicted to Himalaya Face Moisturizing Lotion & Lakme Face Souffle. They're both great!!


  19. keep going girl..!! :)

    this is very inspiring for me as well..!!

  20. Love this post. I am using other total moisture vaseline cream as it is winters now. I will try cocoa one too.


  21. Congrats! I'm so proud of you for sticking on with this project! Keep it up :)

  22. Rofl :P Gr8 :D every1 is excited abt the bb cream :D

  23. Thank you ladies for being supportive. Hope you had fun too. Watch this space and you may see this kind of posts every month :)


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