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My Valentine's Day National Giveaway

Valentine's day is around and it's time to put on your thinking cap because apart from deciding what you are going to gift him, it's time to think about what is your dream Valentine's Day is going to be like and share it with me.
Don't worry about the makeup as that job would be done by the friendliest beauty store     stylecraze.com who are collaborating with me for this giveaway by giving you a wonderful opportunity to win plenty of make up.

This is not a giveaway where the winner takes it all. This time there would be two winners!!

The first winner gets

  1. NYX blush in Angel
  2. Faces Cosmetics Moisture Rich Lipstick in First Lady
  3. Bourjois contour and clubbing waterproof pencil color Blue remix
The second winner gets

  1. Faces Go Chic lipstick in Mulberry Slush
  2. Boujois New Khol and Contour eye liner  Blue graphique
If you have noticed the colors are all universally flattering. They are mostly shades of pinks and blues that would suit almost all skin tones since this is  Valentine's Day.

This is a NATIONAL giveaway, meaning only the residents of India can participate in this giveaway.  My international readers, there would be more coming soon.
The giveaway opens now January 19 and ends exactly on February 10th so that the winners can receive the goodies hopefully on 14th Feb

The Rules: Too many easy ways, but only a are few mandatory.

The Mandatory Rules
  1.  Do not write 'enter me'. Tell us you idea of  an Ideal Valentine's Day or what you are going to do this Valentine's Day. This would be fun. We are no angels ladies, but keep it U and not A rated.
  2. You have to follow me through GFC-- 2 entries.
  3. You have to like stylecraze.com's official facebook page here. -- 2 entries
  4. You have to like my facebook page here-- 2 entries                                                                             
Anybody not doing all the Mandatory Entries would be disqualified

The optional entries:
  1. Follow me on twitter here.- 1 entry
  2. Follow stylecraze.com on twitter here- 1 entry
  3. Retweet: RT Enter Nivedita and Stylecraze's Valentine's Day giveaway here http://makeupandchitchat.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-valentines-day-national-giveaway.html -- 2 entries     
  4. And if you want to do something extra, do a nice blogpost with the first image linking it back to me and also to stylecraze.com. The post must not be like 'check out this wonderful giveaway here or like that.'. You would be immediately disqualified-- 5 entries
  5. Do a sidebar with the first image-- 5 entries
Altogether one can have 6 to 20 entries.
So let the carnival begin!!!


  1. hmmmmm ok...
    This Valentine's Day y guy and I are going away to Lavassa (a planned hill station near Pune) for two days where we plan to stay in a luxurious 4 star hotel and well have fun :P

    GFC follower: Samyukta
    Face Like: Love Mkeup
    Twitter Follower: ISmplyLveMakeUp
    Already like Style Craze's FB page :)

  2. awesome giveaway..in opd now..once its over, entering:)) yay!

  3. Just a simple night out for dinner and a movie.
    GFC: indgal
    liked Stylecraze and your page in FB: indgal lovesshopping
    following you on twitter and stylecraze: indgal lovesshopping
    tweet link; https://twitter.com/#!/indgal/status/159858669448724481
    blog sidebar pic: http://indgallovesshopping.blogspot.com/

    1. my email id: indgallovesshopping@gmail.com

  4. My idea would be a cosy dinner on 100 storey building's rooftop!
    Done all the mandatory entries
    fb - Tanvee Wadhwa
    gfc- Tanveewadhwa

    email- tanveewadhwak@gmail.com

  5. This Valantine’s day I’m going to gift my husband the most precious gift of his life & that is “our 1st baby”. I’m pregnant and my baby is due on valentine’s day. Well babies do born before due date too, in that case 14th feb will be more special enjoying quality time together indoors the whole day, full home decorated with scented candles, a movie in our home theater and dinner at a restuarent near by…

    GFC – prerna sharma
    Like stylecraze.com’s FB page
    Like your FB page, my FB name- prerna sharma
    Following you and stylecrazy in twitter, name is- De_Prerna
    Twitted here https://twitter.com/#!/De_Prerna/status/159875577380225025
    Done blogpost and linked in side bar here http://stylemakeup.blogspot.com/2012/01/valentines-day-national-giveaway-by.html

    so here is how i have earned all the 20 entries.

  6. sorry i forgot to mention my e-mail ID sarkar_prerna@rediffmail.com

  7. If my hubby is in town then I will arrange a dinner & invite my family too , coz Vday as per me is about expressing yr emotions & feelings for the loved once and we love our family :) Its the greatest blessing that we all are together :)
    If he is out of town for work then will do a Video call with him & get dressed sexy for him :P

    GFC Name- Cookdokoo
    Like stylecraze.com’s FB page-done
    Like your FB page, my FB name-Kannu Manaktala Wadhwa
    Following you and stylecrazy in twitter, name is-kannu2401
    email address-cookdokoo@gmail.com

  8. Following you on GFC, My GFC Name- Manya,
    Liked yours and stylecraze facebook page.My facebook name- Tapaswini Swain
    Followed you and stylecraze on twitter, My Twitter id- tapas1987
    Added the picture in side bar-

    1. Me and my bf are sooo away, so I think we spend whole day talking on skype. :)

    2. Aiyooo I forget a lot, my email id is tapaswini4u@gmail.com

  9. hello
    gfc name-ANNU
    e mail id-anu.cool69@gmail.com
    on valentine's day im planning first watch to watch a movie and then go to an exotic restaurant for dinner with my love :)
    done everythng :) followed u everywhere :P twitter,blog.fb plus retweeted about the giveaway.twitter name-sindhugupta,fb name-sindhu gupta. do check!!!

    1. im very sorry i forgot to give the twitter link..here it is\

  10. hello
    gfc name is muzyna
    e-mail - muzynah@gmail.com
    twitter- Muzyna_N ( follows u and stylecraze ) n retweeted also :)
    blogpost on stylecraze link -http://beautyneverdates.blogspot.com/2012/01/online-shopping-style-craze-review.html
    On valentines day im planning to have a brunch party and going to call all my girl friends. allthough i dnt believe in valentines day but for me i just need a reason to be surrounded by my lovd ones
    done all the things even before this contest began !

  11. GFC: precious pearl
    email: preciouspearlmakeup at gmal dot com

    On Valentine's day (as this is my very first one in India) I am planning for a surprise movie and dinner plan for my boy :)

    Liked both FB pages via: Precious Pearl

    Following both via Twitter: pearlmakeup
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/pearlmakeup/status/160256855497646080

    sidebar: preciouspearlmakeup.blogspot.com

  12. what is gfc stands for???

  13. I cn still remember 14th feb 2007, first tym me nd Rakesh(my hubby) talkd 2 each odr as a friend,that tym we didn knew that God has very something special stored for us in our coming future.and on 15th we met for d 1st tym and he was and still is my 1st crush. Aftr a 4 yr of sweet nd loving relationship nd a lot of caste problems between our families,we got married 8 months back :) so this is my 1st valentine after marriage,it hs to be spcl.....making a " booklet card " for my sweet hubby whch will contain the pics of our special moments nd lines writen by me for those moments :):)nd i think we both r tryin to make spcl for both of us;p;p
    GFC name- Prerana Kedia
    Mail - preranakedia@gmail.com
    liked both FB pages via- Prerana kedia ranjan
    nd both twitter pages- Prerana Ranjan
    twitted abt this giveaway- https://twitter.com/#!/PreranaRanjan/status/160270031651999745
    postd abt it in FB- https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=233115680101768&id=100001654912056
    i don hav a blog
    vry lovely valentine giveaway :):)
    love u

  14. Planning to prepare some handmade gifts for my love and send him as a suspense (gift ideas are still a suspense to everyone:P planning to prepare cards and few more deco stuffs). Then to meet him up at a good restaurant or would go to a movie and propose him. finally a long ride to beach. :):):):)

    GFC Name: lakshmipriya
    Email id: lakshmi.priya385@gmail.com
    Like the FB pages. FB name: Lakshmipriya Iyengar
    Twitter name: lakshmisweety
    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/lakshmisweety/status/160315321763373056
    Sidebar done. Link to my blog: http://coffeeyudankonjamkavidhai-lp.blogspot.com/

  15. Hey,
    This is our first valentines after marriage and we have planned it well in advance. We are two months married and have postponed our honeymoon till feb. We'll be celebrating our valentine on cruise. Thats the best thing and as a surprise i have made a card for him titled "101 Reasons why I love You"(A handmade card). I am so excited.
    Name : Mukta
    GFC name : Muks
    Following you and stylecraze on fb as eleganza.
    Following you and stylecraze on twitter as Mukta.
    Shared your giveaway on my page
    My blog : http://muktajain3008.blogspot.com/
    Live Laugh Love

  16. This valentines day, am going to be at my native at my in-laws place. So nothing big but will plan a sweet gift for him. I have stopped writing poems but gonna restart with the first one for him specially :D.

    Name - Sunandha
    GFC - Sunu
    Following you and stylecraze
    In FB as Sunandha
    In Twitter as Sunandha
    and my Tweet - https://twitter.com/#!/Sunandha/status/160598937424769025

  17. This year me n my bf have exams on 12th feb at b'lore.He will be staying there for a few more days and i have to join my work on 13th.So,there's nil chance of us meeting.anyways,what i like to do or had done previously make a gift.i mean handmade.i usually do oil paintings n make a card/scrapbook for him..the day should be spent in leisure with just two of us.i prefer to be indoor and no shopping mall or chaos.and yea make him tolerate my cooking skills is a must :P

    any ways i wish to win and spend my V'day with these goodies,stuffs are awsm :))
    fb name-sukanya banerjee,following your page and stylecraze.com
    gfc-few unnecessary stuff
    twitter handle-fw_uncsry_stuff
    post link-https://twitter.com/#!/fw_uncsry_stuff/status/160703939275264002
    sidebar image-http://fewunnecessarystuff.blogspot.com/
    email id-fewunnecessarystuff@gmail.com

    kichu bad gelo ki? :P

  18. This Valentine's Day I am planning a surprise for my bf, I am taking him for a pool side dinner :). Apart from that we will go for a movie.

    GFC Name: Beauty and Makeup Studio
    Face Book name: Jyotsna Bms ; Following you and stylecraze.com
    E-mail ID: beautyandmakeupstudio@gmail.com
    posted about the giveaway on my blog side-bar: http://beautyandmakeupstudio.blogspot.com/

  19. On an ideal Valentine's day I'd ♥ to go out for a great dinner. I'd ♥ to laugh. Light candles. Enjoy things that smell nice. :D

    Following you via GFC
    Liked Stylecraze on fb.
    Liked your page on fb: Gauri Ketkar

    Linked it on my sidebar: http://glossandmagic.blogspot.com/

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. hi my idea for ideal valentine day is that my room is full of red roses when i open my eyes with lovely cards and a kiss from my hubiii :) in evening go to long drive to our farm house to enjoy watery splash in pool :)and in end romantic candle lite dinner.......
    My GFC name : bhawana singhal
    FB name: bhawana singhal
    Email: bhawanasweeti@gmail.com
    done with all your mandatory rules..

  23. 14th feb being a Tuesday, I am gonna surprise him with his fav home made butterscotch cake and a bottle of wine and nice romantic movie late night :)
    GFC: Divya
    FB Name: Divya Yadav(Liked both pages)
    Twitter id: divyayadav_1(Following both pages)
    Retweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/divyayadav_1/status/161110217810124801

    Great giveaway!!!!! Fingers crossed.

  24. hi i dnt have nything planned out for valentine day .I love people and love evryone so i believe in spreading love everyday :)
    my gfc -madeeha
    fb madeeha naqeeb
    twitter madeehanaqeeb
    i retweeted the links
    blog post :http://beautyneverdates.blogspot.com/2012/01/online-shopping-style-craze-review.html

  25. This V-Day is our 6th yr together. So i hav planned 4 a surprise. Taking him to the place where v 1st met. That wud be awesome, refreshing our old memories.

    GFC – Priyamwadha Naidu
    E mail ID - priyamwadha@gmail.com
    Like stylecraze.com’s FB page
    Like your FB page, my FB name- Priyamwadha Naidu
    Following you and stylecrazy in twitter, name is- @priyamwadha
    Twitted here https://twitter.com/#!/priyamwadha/status/161772027286523905

  26. this vday i want 2 give my bf a love slam with our pictures and the pictures of our special moments.i want 2 give him 5 roses for 5 yrs of our relationship.nd wl go for a romantic dinner.nd im gonna surprise him with his fav 'Payes':)

  27. Umm..i have nothing planned for V-Day..i guess u know why. lol.
    Following you on GFC - Prachi
    Liked Style Craze and your facebook page - Prachi

    Wishing a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

  28. GFC- Swati Kungwani
    FB id - Swati Kungwani
    Twitter handle @Swatydk
    Tweeted- https://twitter.com/#!/Swatydk/status/162447941926273024
    My idea of Valentine's day is to surprise my beau with all the boyish stuff n in a boyish manner starting straight away as the clock strucks 12.. from E cards to his favourite sports cars n bikes cars to lovely collage of our photos that i made myself then the big surprise is I have learnt to ride a bike and this time I am gonna drive him crazy not only by my beauty but also by bike!! lol.. thats becoz he always complains of getting tired afta long long drives.. so this time he \'s gonna get bit relaxed!!!:P

  29. Awesome giveaway Nivedita :)

    GFC - Rekha
    FB - Rekha Mohan
    email - rekha.sriramagiri@gmail.com
    Twitter - placidstream
    tweet url - https://twitter.com/#!/placidstream/status/162486750403506176
    Blog sidebar - http://www.glitterandgorgeous.com/

    Well.. I wish I had a valentine to spend my day with :) but never mind love is all in the air and at the moment makeup is my love so my plan would be to dress up well and enjoy the day :)


  30. Being in love is d bst thing dat can ever happen to any1..n I consider myself lucky to hv sm1 special in my life.
    I hv been in a relationship since the last 5 n a half yrs it has been amazing..!!!
    Unfortunately we hv nvr been able 2 celebrate it majorly coz it used 2 b our exam time but since v r out f college now I plan to make dis valentine a memorable xperience 4 us. :)

    I hv planned to fly 2 delhi n get his room keys thru his frnd, widout letting him know dat I m asking for d keys. :P
    I will decorate d room with some flowers n scented candles w/h will b followed by cooking some of his fav dishes. By d time he will be bk I will b rdy wid some soft instrumental music n dim lights.I will present him a card n a HUGE foto of ours. :) I just hope dis plan works...

    GFC name: kanika

    email: 8.kanikaa@gmail.com

    fb name: kanika justa

    twitter: kanika_justa

    tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/kanika_justa/status/162487681857748992

    blog post: http://kanikajusta.blogspot.com/2012/01/niveditas-giveaway.html

    blog url: www.kanikajusta.blogspot.com

    phew..!! dat was a LOOOOOONG comment... :)

  31. Well it's election time and my hubby will be damn busy, so I'll celebrate the day at home by baking a heart shaped cake and a handmade card for him. :)

    GFC name - vertu
    StyleCraze fb page - Vertika Singh
    Your fb page - Vertika Singh
    Twitter - @vivacious_blog
    StyleCraze Twitter - @vivacious_blog
    ReTweet - https://twitter.com/#!/vivacious_blog/status/162838708272381952
    Post about giveaway - http://vivaciousblog17.blogspot.com/2012/01/valentines-day-national-giveaway-by.html
    Sidebar link - http://vivaciousblog17.blogspot.com

  32. Oh forgot to tell you my email id - vivaciousblog@yahoo.com

  33. Ummm this year is going to be a quite one with my husband.So planning to have dinner at some nice place and just spend some quality time together. :) we are past those lovey-dovey mushy days :P I hope you get it as its already been 10 yrs. :) (7 yrs of courtship and almost 3 yrs into marriage)Now its just enough to be together no matter what day it is. :)
    GFC name: Jyoti
    Subscribed via: everythingthatmatters2me@gmail.com
    Facebook name: Jyoti Mishra
    twitter: @jyoti_r_mishra
    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/jyoti_r_mishra/status/163295795548925952
    added giveaway link to my blog sidebar: http://thingsthatmatter2me.blogspot.com

    fingers crossed. Hope i win :D

  34. A candle light diiner at beach side :) with red flowers
    GFC Name: shrilata kolli
    Facebook Page like: Shrilata Madeneni for both (you & stylecraze)
    Twitter:shrilatam for both
    Tweet link : https://twitter.com/#!/ShrilataM/status/163536708791566336

  35. The Kuch Kuch hota hai scene from Dostana? Yeah that's the one. I'm actually pretty anti V-day but I adored that idea. =]

    Done all the mandatory rules.Facebook name: Aditi Bhalotra.


  36. Email Id: monishatmp08@gmail.com
    GFC- Monu
    Facebook Name- Monisha Thampi
    Twitter ID- https://twitter.com/#!/monishatmp
    Tweet- https://twitter.com/#!/monishatmp/status/162938076652503041
    Blog Post- http://monuscrazyworld.blogspot.com/2012/01/valentines-day-giveaway.html
    Blog- monuscrazyworld.blogspot.com

    My ideal date
    I would wake him up at 12 am ;) just to wish him.We will have Lunch together.I want him to gift me a kitten & I would gift him a Key chain.
    Monu's Thoughts: For true lovers, I think there is no need for a special day. Coz, Every second, Every moment is special for them :)

  37. Great giveaway!!
    I don't know what i'll do on Valentine's Day i actually am not that kind of person who goes crazy about day.
    GFC: Evi G
    facebook:Evi Gania liked both
    twitter: @evidim followed both
    sidebar(giveaways bar):http://evigmyworld.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

  38. thank u so much for the giveaway!.okay this is a question where my answer never changes.

    The Valentines Day of my Dreams would be a shared blanket on a (CLEAN) beach with some wine. We would watch the moon rise and then set, as the dawn tints the sky in the east with pinks and oranges, and the night would be spent talking and sharing.everything from Kafka to our shared love that only grows stronger with each passing day :)
    (maybe we will make it a tradition for just the 2 of us every year)

    email: just.ankita@gmail.com
    twitter: @ankitamittal
    fb: ankita mittal liked both.

  39. I m new to this site but found it interesting

    I will meet my bf in a mall and surprise him with a self made card with self made romantic poems written on it specially for him and get his Favorite black forest cake and when he is out to order sumthing put it on table and light the candles and when i come i want to see his reaction :)

    Facebook Name:Radhika kapoor
    email id:kapoor.radhika13@gmail.com
    GFC:Radhika kapoor (i m following you there)
    i m done with all your mandatory rules.

  40. this valentines day, my bf has planned surprises for me and i have for him..ideal would be a pool side candle light dinner and some dance.

    GFC name- Surabhi Agarwal
    FB name- Surabhi Agarwal
    twitter name- pep_surbhi
    post on my sidebar- http://fashionistas-stop.blogspot.in/

  41. Well..just spending the whole day together has also become difficult..coz of work and stuff..so spending the whole day together is also more than enough for me :)
    Already follow you through GFC and like both pages- Bhumika
    Follow both on twitter- bhumika_t
    Tweeted here- https://twitter.com/#!/bhumika_t/status/164452394929893376
    id- bhumika_thakkar@yahoo.co.uk

    Ya I guess done all..

  42. Nice giveaway Nivedita!
    I would like to go to a nice movie & then dinner. But the highlight would be going to one of the chocolate bars for dessert!
    GFC name: Poohkie
    Liked both pages on FB: Poohkies Place
    Followed both on Twitter: @PoohkiesPlace
    Added 1st image in sidebar with a link: http://poohkiesplace.blogspot.in/
    email: poohkiesplace@gmail.com

  43. I would love to have a homecooked candle light dinner :)
    GFC: varshini
    Liked both pages in FB : World Of Women
    email: varshini5ns@gmail.com

  44. Well, nothing grand since it is a weekday... although i do plan on keeping my daughter awake the whole day so she sleeps early that evening... oh and look for those aromatic candles I had stowed away for a special night ;)

    GFC: Novice Makeup
    FB: Nov Make Up (Liked Both Pages)
    Twitter Handle: NovMakeUp (Followed Both)

  45. For me, valentine's day is about the decorations and exploring the cutesy stuff in the shops :) (till now :P )

    GFC : Yvette
    FB :Yvette Zuppiger

  46. Awesome Blog.. Nice giveaway:)

    Surprise the loved ones with beautiful gifts and spending the day happily wit them

    GFC: Nima
    Emai: fashionandbeautypride@gmail.com
    FB : Nima Pride (liked both)
    Twitter: Women_Pride (following Both)
    Tweeted Here: https://twitter.com/#!/Women_Pride/status/164685002993446912
    posted on sidebar:- http://fashionandbeautypride.blogspot.com

  47. Hi.. I am a first time visitor for this site. For me Valentines Day is very special as we have a defined occasion to re-look at our love.. a time to celebrate our love and make it even more memorable than each day that we share together.

    Valentines day is also a time to gift what my special lady wants.. And also about excitement of getting something back ribboned with love. For many it might seem a simple task of going to a shop and buying what we need. But for us, it is more than that.. We try to give a personal touch to whatever we gift...

    Let me give some examples... In one of the past Valentines Day, we made a treasure hunt.. each gift we find out at home, will have clue to the location of the next gift... Another occasion, we thought of getting gifts which has some link(or remembrance) of our loved ones in the family... Sometimes, it were a compilation of old songs that she loves listening, recorded on a single DVD... sometimes, it were a compilation of photos of us together at different locations we visited after we met...

    This time, its going to be different... I wish to win a gift for her.. and I am trying to give my best in several contests running on the occasion of Valentines Day.. If I win here, I am sure, she is going to love the Giveaways you have on offer!! Fingers crossed!!
    (genius.gene at gmail. com)

  48. Just a fresh single red rose with long stem and leaves( no thorns) for my boyfriend when i will meet him before going to office...thn we will have dinner after office..nice quality time..and m done for the day..but yes i would love to get all dressed up nicely ...
    TWITTER: angellove109
    liked u and style craze on twitter as well as fb..
    email id:1212sugarapple@gmail.com
    i wish to win ..:)))))

  49. Spend the day with all the ones without whom life would be incomplete. In the evening witness 25 years of togetherness, one of my friend is celebrating 25th years of her parent's marriage anniversary. I am going to be a part of the celebration.........
    liked u and StyleCraze.com a long time ago....
    e-mail: lucky13.ash07@gmail.com

  50. Going to spend this Valentine's Day at a beach house with a couple of friends :). Thank you!

    GFC: Sophie
    Liked both Facebook pages: Sophie Phan
    Followed both Twitters: sophiepophie

  51. my ideal V day celebration would be dinner on the beach under the stars!
    liked you and stylecraze on fb: Pranali Khaire
    GFC: pranali

  52. My idea for Valentine's day would be- I would wake up late & by the time I wake Husband would make me a nice breakfast( Since every day I wake up early & cook for him, it time for me to get pampered :) then late in the evening we would be going out to a friend's place.
    1. Following through GFC as Uzma Z.
    2. Following style craze on Facebook as Uzma Bbl.
    3. Liked your Facebook page too as Uzma Bbl.
    4. Following you on twitter as uzmabbl.
    5. Follwoing stylecraze on twitter as uzmabbl.
    6. Tweeted about the giveaway - https://twitter.com/#!/uzmabbl/status/166916595359289344
    7. Did a blogpost here http://zestfulnails.blogspot.in/2012/02/valentines-national-giveaway-at-beauty.html
    8. Sidebar has the image - http://zestfulnails.blogspot.in/
    ALL the enteries completed.

  53. Thanks for letting me know :)

    The Kuch Kuch hota hai scene from Dostana? Yeah that's the one. I'm actually pretty anti V-day but I adored that idea. =]

    Done all the mandatory rules.Facebook name: Aditi Bhalotra. Email: aditibhalotra@yahoo.in


  54. Very honestly I would love if it would just be a simple lunch at a beach side restaurant. I find something very magical about that scene.

  55. ohh i like this idea of writing something other thn enter me!My ideal valentine...dunno so let me just share what my plans are..gonna be home all day. what are yours? and hey sorry for nt being in touch...nt even coming online these days, got ur mail..will reply tonight :)
    and yea i follow u everywhere
    following stylecraze everywhere

  56. My idea of a perfect Valentine's Day - going out for dinner together...on a rooftop restaurant with soft music playing, dim lighting, and good food. Red roses, mushy card, chocolates, a pair of earrings or a ring...the whole bit ! Most importantly, I want to start and end the day with him at midnight over the phone.

    1. Oops, forgot -
      GFC : Marianne
      Fb : Marianne Claudia Rayer
      Twitter : marianneclaudia
      tweet url : https://twitter.com/#!/marianneclaudia/status/168374424515526656

      Thanks !


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