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NEW YEAR's LOTD and breakdown

I had a blast with my friends on new Year. I went out with my childhood friend Asmita and another good friend of mine Priyanka and it was amazing. The whole day I was down but when I met them it was way too good!!
Anyway, for the evening out I got dressed as I wore a lot of make up. Don't worry, I did not look like a clown but yes, I did in this pic, because I was taking my head shot before doing my hair.
Since my room recently got painted, the lights have not been fitted properly yet. So, this yellow light in which I myself discern nothing. See if it suits you. But this is how the effect was more or less.

Concealer-Avon Ideal Shade matchstick in medium
Bourjois Healthymix Foundation in 54 Beige
Lumiere Powder Foundation in Medium Deep warm as a setting powder

1 Faces Powder Blush in Rose Gold
2 Monave Cosmetics Highlighter ( Review soon) on the cheekbones and on the bridge of my snubby nose.

I wanted to keep my cheeks very subdued. Wasn't right in the mood to blush :P

Things are a bit hazy. I am getting a tripod soon a gift from him :P

1) The light brown shade from my Rimmel Sweet Seduction Palette
2) The Deep brown shade from kkcenterhk CUICU shadows
3) Colorbar I-Glide Pencil in Black on the waterline and upper lashline
4) Lakme Glide-on eye-pencil in baked bronze
5) Motives  Lustrafy HD Mascara
6) Maybelline Vivid and Smooth liner pencil is White in the corner

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick is Sweet wine
Topped with The Body Shop lipbalm in Raspberry

Caught in a bad flash and yes, I wear braces

What do you think? Hit or miss?


  1. absolutely fab!!! totally hit!!!

  2. Beautiful <3 Glad to know you enjoyed!!!

  3. gorgeous!!! bepok lagche!! just fatafati!! :D

  4. i Liked what i saw back then and the details are even better.
    had an awesome time with you dear............

  5. Hey Nivedita, Looking very pretty !!

  6. really pretty i absolutely heart your eye mk up and u hv a nice pout :)

  7. looking pretty as usual.....loved the lips the most....

  8. Gorgeous.. Love the lotd. your eyes are so beautiful. :) <3

  9. U look lovely!!! fresh and glowy too!!!(pardon my grammer!)

    I must get that lippie now! DAMN!!!

  10. Who says you look like a clown?? You look absolutely adorable! I love this look. Most people go crazy with their new year makeup, like stripper makeup lol... I'm glad you kept yours very youthful and vibrant.

    As for the tripod for "him", I got from my "him" too, to make youtube videos, yet I still havent used mine... so bad right :/

  11. Ohh another thing, I want to get braces soon, after all this time lol... did you have to remove any teeth? sorry, it's kind of random, but the dentists tell me I have to remove 4 of my pre-molars because of over-crowding, which I dont think is really necessary... maybe dentists here just suck?

  12. absolutely gorgeous!! Those lips look amazing...err not sure if that cam out right but you know what I mean lol

  13. OMG you are sooo pretty and lips look so good and eye makeup so subtle yet gorgeous ! lovely

  14. gorgeous Nivedita! HIT! HIT! HIT! :) are u assamese btw?

  15. Cuuuutieeeee-lookin lyk a doll!!!!! mwaaazz baby!!

  16. like like ! sweet wine looks very nice on u :)

  17. Happy new year, Nivedita!!!

    I nominated you for the "Versatile blogger award." Check it out here:


  18. You look really nice! the lip color looks so beautiful.

  19. pretty makeup .. like the lipstick a lot

  20. A simple and elegant look....nice

  21. @Eve-O-lution" Thanks. I'm so enjoying doing these posts these days
    @Raksha: Thank you dear. yes, thanks to my friends that they dragged me out
    @Indgal, Zathy, MUF: Thank you. Glad you all loved it so much :)

  22. @Kuheli: Hhiihhhi. Ok. oidin shejgeguje jabo :P
    fus:Awwww... thank you
    @Ash:Same here buddy!! Didn't know you'd be reading this post :) *hugs*
    @Shalini, Vertu and Bhumika: Thanks girls. Your encouragements made me dare to do this the second time.
    @Shukti Shuvra: Awww.. thank you.
    @Viva: Hhahaha! I had almost forgotten I had that one. It suddenly resurfaced out of nowhere :P

  23. @Fatima: Well.. I had a condition called deep bite. So, my teeth needed to be raised up a bit. But the over crowding was there. I did not have to take out a single tooth thankfully. Since I was a kid, I had seen many sentists who all unanimously suggested to pull out four or at least one. But thankfully I happened to see a famous doctor Dr Ashuk Surana who confidently told me that nothing needs to be taken out and he'd be able to do it right. Thankfully it happened so and I am getting my braces off by 14th Jan. :)
    No , no, I got my braces when I was more than 23!! Now I'd be 25!! So, no worries about the age. Moreover, since your acquaintances would be grown up people now, you won;t have to be too embarrassed by naive questions. Good in a way huh?
    No problem that you asked :)

  24. @CL: hahahah. Got it. nah. It's alright. Thank you :P
    @manya: Thank you re. Glad that you liked it. But I almost died when I saw your LOTD!! It was soo pretty!!!
    @GF: Hahaha. Thank you. But I love your LOTDS more :)
    @Samyukta: Then I would do more of these. :P No dear, pure bong who looks like a north eastern person :)
    @Anusha: The same to you. Thank you . Thank you passing it on to me dear
    @Harshleen: Thank you. I so love the watershine lipsticks from Maybelline
    @Saumya: Thank you
    @Shivani: Hey thank you. You are back!!! welcome back!!!
    @ATIK: Thank you. :) Shall do more of these :)

  25. You look stunning Nivedita. Yous skin is flawless. Happy new year! And thanks for the warm welcome back.

  26. Glad to see you are doing LOTDs nowadays!
    Looking Great!
    Happy new year Nivedita. Hope you have an awesome year ahead, and hope we get to know about it through your blog.. hehe.. :)
    As the New Year has just started, and it is acceptable to get a little emotional about stuff,I also wanted to thank you for being one of the first few people who started commenting on my blog regularly.
    Hope we visit each other often this year too!
    mwah mwah

  27. You look so cute and such lovely eyes :) will wait for some great clicks once you get the tripod :)

  28. u look so beautiful in the first pic!! loved the lip color and ur eye make-up..

    btw hii.. loved ur blog.. started to follow..!! :)

  29. Wow wow wow! u look absolutely stunning in the last pic :P And that lip color is irresistible ( I say that without sounding creepy, lol)


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