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New Year's resolution+Thus ends my haul

Hi ladies,
You have noticed I have been hauling for quite some time. It's no secret that I did get some coupons for online shopping like you did, which was mentioned in the post itself. Apart from that also, I made quite some hauls and kept purchasing this and that every now and then
Sometime ago, my room got painted. I had to shift my things and I realized I had too many things which were not so much used, less used or even I just forgot about.
That was an eye-opener. Suddenly it made me feel so sick and I though I must do something about it. I got scared ( although it's still baseless), if I am purchasing just on impulsive ( not exactly). Still, I want to clear up my stash.

Plus, it feels bad when you buy a nice lipstick and it remains unused and you just throw it away because it caught fungus, or expired etc..

So, my New Year's resolution would be to clear up the stash. But does that mean I should deprive myself of new products? Not exactly.
Here is the game. I am eligible to buy 1 product ( which I might or might not buy) for every 5 items I finish up. It may be a lipbalm, a body lotion, a shampoo, a toner, a lipstick or whatever.
At the end of every month I would do that months empties and count on. 
If you feel the same way about your stash and want to clear up some items, you can join this project to. You can comment in the empties post as well as make blogposts and we can share links in our posts as well if you like.

Let me know if you are game.

Above is my mini haul from stylecraze sale. I got two NYX round glosses ans a Faces Go Chic lipstick. I forgot to use my own coupon and paid 475 overall for all the products combined. No more or hauls as of now. Let's see how I get on with this game.
What's your thought?

Btw, this year, I am introducing a sneekpeak of upcoming reviews and posts. but the images would be posted on my facebook page. So, I encourage you to be the curious cat and like my facebook page to get the sneek peak . Hahahaha!


  1. Is this the peach shade, I got one too.
    I totally know how I feel, my storage area is going crazy and I dont remember what I have stored where. My new year resolution is to organize my entire house.

  2. hvnt tried these products.. want to set up my paypal and do some shopping :)

  3. Omg! Even I'm not gonna buy anything for sometime now... Shopped too much in the past couple of months...

  4. Omg! Even I'm not gonna buy anything for sometime now... Shopped too much in the past couple of months...

  5. i always try not 2 buy makeup bt every time i see makeup stuff i feel helpless

  6. Well thot! I am already on a no buy..see my latest haul om my blog and u'll know why i m broke plus all the things u said like space crunch, wastage etc!! Sigh! Trust me its difficult

  7. i think we all are in the same boat! totally support you

  8. hahahahaha!!! ur 'no haul' resolution post ends with a haul too. :D :D can't stop laughing dude. :P :P swatches chai btw. :D

  9. All the best Niv ;) :p
    the gloss looks so pretty,,swatch them soon :)

  10. hehe, i am also worried seeing my bunch of unused products

  11. good luck on your resolution..but the glosses seem pretty,,review them soon :)

  12. all the best and i will follow up............

  13. Great New Year resolution,totally support it.I did a major Makeup de-cluttering 5 months back when I shifted house. My simple rule is if I didn't use an item (makeup/clothes/shoes/handbags) in past 6 months its unlikely to be used again. I keep the season specific items and give away the rest to family & friends. It really forces me to use all my stuff and think 10 times before shelling out moolah to buy more stuff.

  14. @Divya: Bang on!! One of them is the peach!! Yes, we are tending to hoard on products!!
    @Zatz: LO! Some people want to cease-fire for a while when someone is planning to do the reverse. Strange is the way of the world :P
    @The PURPLE Spirit: Hahhaaha. We are all in the same boat it looks like :P

  15. @sahar awan: it was so with me or still is.. but I decided to cease for a while :P Had to!
    @Kejal: I know. I'm already planning my list of shopping. But would let it wait
    @Vanity: LOL!! We are! You can try this as well

  16. @Kuheli: Wait until I get hold of you again!!! In stead of backing me up you are making fun of me! How dare you!!! ROFL!!!! :D :D
    @Namita: Hahaha. Thank you buddy. Would surely!! Let the sun come up
    @Rentu: Hahaha. I seem to have triggered a panic as well :P
    @fus: The glosses are but too pretty. That's why the no haul had to begin after this haul only :P
    @Ash: Ha. You are always my what is the term called....... moral supporter :P
    @IBC: That's cool. Actually I don;t have too many felame cousins etc and not everybody is open minded about sharing makeup. So, no luck with me. Moreover, I really tend to use things like say lipsticks in turn. They rarely sit in a corner . At the same time they are so many that even though I use all of them, they tend to stay new as ever :(

  17. Such a great idea!! I decluttered a while ago but still have lots of makeup that I am trying to use up!

  18. I am nt into tat phase yet..I survive on my pocket money which is nt heavy :| So I think a lot b4 investing in a product :D


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