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Sunsilk lusciously thick and long Shampoo and Conditioner

Winter is the happiest time for our skin, but not for our hair. Won't you agree? I had hair issues ever since last winter and sometime ago I realized,  have been using this shampoo and conditioner since the beginning of last year!! No kidding!!

The Sunsilk lusciously thick and long Shampoo is my regular use shampoo now. Last year, when winter was about to say adieu and I did not need anti-dandruff shampoos anymore, I realized, from blow-drying etc, my

hair had become coarse. I tried various brands and then hit on this one and after trying out for a month, I am now in love with it.

  1. It took away the dryness and the roughness from my hair.
  2. My hair actually feels healthier and softer and better.
  3. Previously I needed to wash my hair every alternate day if not everyday. Now I am good for three days or more after a wash.
  4. The hairfall is reduced. I won't say it 'stopped' but the way I was losing hair with Dove, was brought in check with Himalaya Shampoos and this one.
  5. Not too expensive.
  6. Available in various sizes.
  7. Cleans the hair well and lathers well ( a psychological feel-good factor)
  8. Available almost everywhere

I'm jittery about:
  1. Doesn't STOP hair-fall. Although doesn't add to the woe either.
Sunsilk lusciously thick and long Conditioner

I prefer using complimentary products from the same line. So, gotit.

  • It moisturizes my hair well. Post usage, my hair feels good and very soft and smooth.
  • it's not sticky and has the perfect consistency for application along the hair shaft.
  • Not expensive and easily available.
  • I prefer squeeze tubes.
  • Doesn't spill while traveling.
  • Doesn't weigh my hair down.
In short it does whatever is expected out of a good conditioner, including, giving you hair-fall and itchiness if you put too much of it on your scalp. :P That's the only dislike I have.

What about it? Try or pass?


  1. Nice Review :) ll try it

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Niv u should never apply conditioner on ur scalp ...it leads to hairfall..apply from mid-length to tips.

  4. @Lancy: Yeah. See if it suits you
    @Pooja: I never said I did in the post :)

  5. I have used this and liked it as it boosts hair volume, didnt like conditioner much, the black variant of shampoo is awesome

  6. sunsilk never has suited me !!! :( :( my cousin swears on this brand... :D

  7. @ Manya: Is it? I may give it a try in summer then.
    @riddhi: Things work differently for people. My mum hates it. :P

  8. Sunsilk never suited me, great review Nivi

  9. "giving you hair-fall and itchiness if you put too much of it on your scalp. :P" that's why I said :O :P

  10. @Raksha: Then you must stay away dear
    @Pooja: That's a warning and not a practice dear. :)

  11. i noticed that the yellow one makes my hair feel great, but has a very strong smell.. also it causes itchy scalp.. i guess i am using too much.. the only one that suits me even a bit is sunsilk black.. tho it doesnt make my hair look any blacker. it is a great shampoo

  12. This is my abslolutely fav product! Salvaged my hair when all big brands had ruined it!

  13. last 15 years im using this..nothing else suits me


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