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Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion

by Simantini Sinha
A good moisturizer is a lazy girl’s best friend. If you manage to find the one which suits your skin type, without burning a hole in to your pocket, and yet doesn’t smell like turpentine, you know you have come across a reliable product which will serve you a long way. For me, this was the Almond Moisturising Lotion by Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma Magic range of cosmetic products.
My skin is the combination type, where you are either fighting dryness on the cheeks, or fighting pimples on the forehead. This lotion that I bought last autumn somehow managed to save me from both the troubles.
Name – Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion by Blossom Kochhar.

It is a hydrating lotion, so that you can use it even during the summer months. However, in that case, I would advise you to use only during the night and mix it with a little water.
Price – 130 INR for 120ml.
The price is amazing considering the small amount you need, and that a moisturizing lotion is required on a daily basis.

Shelf Life – The shelf life of the product is 2 years from the manufacturing date. This is a lot, considering that you will probably finish the bottle within 6 months or so.
The ingredients of the lotion emphasizes that this is a purely herbal product made from the day to day Indian herbs like “tulsi”, “chandan”, “gulab” as well as some other like almond, jojoba, patchouli etc.

Thumbs Up
1.       The consistency of the lotion is good. It is not too thick, neither too light.
2.       During winters, you can use it without mixing with water. During summers, you can use it with a little bit of water. So, basically it’s a year-long thing.
3.       Of course, the price.
4.       The packing is good. The flip-open cap makes sure you don’t pour too much and waste the content. And yet, you can open the cap and put in the excess amount.
5.       I like to mix it with my foundation during the winters, though Kolkata summer won’t allow me to do that!
6.       It smells sweet, perhaps because of the honey.
7.       If you have dry skin, you can also use it as body lotion, as it is pretty thick when used without water.
Thumbs Down
1.       Those who have seriously oily skin might find it a bit too heavy. Mine’s is combination skin, so I like it.
2.       The thickness can become a problem in the summers, perhaps even when mixed with water. I sweat a lot, so won’t try using it in the day-time.
A good buy. I have tried lots of moisturizing lotions till now, and this is the one I stuck to through a whole winter. The girls of the parlour I visit used to tell me that my skin is rough, but now after using it every night, they say it has improved considerably. So, this was my experience. Let me know about what you think about the product!

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  1. I have the almond cream, its very good for winter!

  2. I have heard a lot about this lotion! Someone even recommended it to me :D.. I'll defo try this out :D

  3. i used this and really like it for my dry skin... nice review......

  4. @Manya, Tanveer and BMS - thank you! it's a good one :)

  5. Nice Review Simantini :) But unfornuately am an oily :'(

  6. Sounds like a good winter staple.

  7. Hi, pls chk my blog. I have tagged you. Hope you do it :)


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