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Avon Pro Nail Wear Enamel

 Avon Pro Nail Wear Enamel

I was planning to go to bed since I am damn sleepy. but going to bed early kind of bores me. I was going through a few blog posts which I would comment on tomorrow. But it suddenly hit me that I haven't done a serious blogging in a while. Like? I could not even finish off the linking backs on the tag-o-mania and I have been feeling so lazy that it's the result of three day's work! Who can beat my procrastination?

*** Applause**** But I deserve nothing less than a standing ovation !!

I am lucky and unlucky in terms of nails. My natural nails are thankfully very healthy ( thanks to my dad whose hands are just like mine only a bit masculine and darker). They are strong, doesn;t break easily and grows really fast. I clip them back very short and it grows very long within 10 days. Ok, I'm done with my bragging!
Now, why I'm unlucky? Usually all the nail paints go wrong on me. Being not a mani-pedi girl, and still a woman by default, I buy too many nail paints and end up using them hardly once or twice. Avon Pro Nailwear was one of them.

Price: About 150 bucks I guess. Got them long time ago along with an eye pencil.

Straight into the details now.

  1. The color is gorgeous!
  2. It's opaque.
  3. The brush is quite nice.
  4. The product itself spreads easily on the nail surface.
  1. Is this supposed to dry 'fast'? Mine takes almost overnight to dry completely . Even then it results into this...

Yeah! Take a look at the nails! From the very first application, it has been behaving like this.  I completely detest it!

But from the amount of positive reviews, I figured it out that it was me who got unlucky with the product. As of now, I am doomed into using this up. Since it has been almost a year, the sooner I get into that attempt, the better it is!!
Phew! I am really sleepy now. Good night!

Don't forget to comment. I would love to see some comments when I wake up in the morning!!


  1. I have never had good results with Avon nail polished either so I guess it's not just you.

    1. I see. That's reassuring ! I was wondering if I do get unlucky with stuffs :P

  2. The only thing I like from Avon is their moisturizers, so I'm not surprised.

  3. Avon nail polishes are hit or miss. There's no consistency in their quality. Some are so streaky & sheer that you need 4 coats while some are incredibly pigmented.

    1. Your comment actually makes feel better. I was worried that I am behaving like a hater. :P Most of the things did turn out bad :(


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