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The Body Shop Vitamin E Day Cream

At last I have reached to the last sections of my The Body Shop Vitamin E kit which is the Vitamin E Day Cream. I have recurrently complained how my skin is parched in winter and nothing seems to help it too much. Nah, this year things were not the same. I loved the day cream from the day I started wearing it.

Price: 725 for 50 ml

Oh, by the way, make no mistake, this cream SHOULD suit oily skin too. This range has another cream, The Intense Moisture Cream which is meant for the dry skinned beauties. otherwise, the products in the Vitamin E kit is meant for all skin types.

My experience: The skin is very soft in texture. It's very light, almost a kind of lotion which spreads around very easily. It hydrates my skin in a jiffy and calms it down and keeps it moisturized throughout the day. Having used it for a month, my acne underneath my skin is reducing to a great extent although they are still there. But mind, this is NOT an anti-acne thing.

  • Spreads easily.
  • Hydrates and calms my skin.
  • My skin texture looks better and fresher.
  • No breakouts.
  • Meant for all skin types. So good for oily skin in winter too. The range has got a separate cream for dry skin.
  • Little goes a long way! I expected 14 grams to be finished by the end of first week. Surprisingly, Even after almost a month's use,it's still there to last me another two weeks I guess. 
  • Mildly fragranced..
  1. It's pricey! Way too pricey!!
  2. Won't be suitable in summer I'm sure. 
  3. Did not find any noticeable improvement with scars and blemishes.


Shall I repurchase? Yes! Next winter for sure!!
Who do I recommend? For everyone in winter! but, the dry skinned beauties need the Intense Moisture Cream

What about you?


  1. Hey Nivedita.. I have dry skin which turns into super dry during winters. This didn't work for me however in summers i would love to use it ... I am using the one for very dry skin and its suiting me well...

    1. Of course Shalini, since you have very dry skin, you need the Intense Moisture Vit E cream as I mentioned. Since this is meant for all skin types, oily or combi people would be happy

  2. since its the hottest summer here.. maybe not suitable but i would wana try this sometime!

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  3. I will pass this one now :( Let next winter come.
    btw good review.

  4. have you tried lush? I like it better than TBS these days:)

  5. Nice review. Today I visited the south city TBS store and bought a tea tree face wash. It's my first TBS product and having read all your great reviews about this Vit. E range I hope the tea tree range is as good. Fingers crossed.

  6. I wish if only you could have reviewed one month back !!!! :p Looks like a nice product for winter

  7. next winter..am surely getting this :)

  8. the vitamin e range just doesnt make sense.. i had their eye cream, and it does nothing at all for me, when i told the store girl this , she tried to sell me the wise woman range which costs a bomb even though i am about 27 yrs of age. i agree i am getting old, but not tht old. i hate it wen they dont accept that maybe they sold u a dud.


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