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Faces Glam On Eyeshadow mono Oceanic

 Faces Glam On Eyeshadow mono Oceanic-- Review

Hey all... I'm back on the track again! I was detoxing! Well, not in a spa, but in my own way. How have you all been?
Ah, recently I noticed whenever I go out, I am using a particular eyeshadow technique. Just a wash of color on the lids preferably on the greyer side and drk brown in the crease followed up by liner kajal and mascara.
So here is the latest thing that impressed me

Faces Eyeshadow mono in Oceanic It's a greenish grey color as you can see and is perfect for doing smokey eye or to wear on it's own.
Price 250 INR
Shades available quite a few

My experience:On my first looks it appeared just a matte eyeshadow which doesn't look powdery soft.perhaps you can call it mildly pearly in finish without any discernible glitters or shimmers at all. But when I swiped, it looked very very pigmented just like other Faces Cosmetics products.  It doesn't have an applicator which is well, a bit inconvenient. But with an eye shadow brush this does a really good job with almost negligible amount of fall outs.

My likes:
  1. It's very pigmented. You need a wee bit to do the job. So, it's going to last.
  2. It's a gorgeous color with no shimmer at all. In spite of that, it shows up nicely even on my pigmented eyelids. I am loving this fact.
  3. Has no discernible scent.
  4. A good packing. I should be able to carry it even in my purse if I am traveling.
  5. Stays for a really long time without creasing. If blended well, it stays put for at least 5 or 6 hours without creasing on my oily lids. 

My dislikes:
  1. It has no inbuilt mirror and no applicator. So, in case you are traveling and want to make things do in a jiffy this might not be the greatest option. I don't mind carrying my brush
  2. It's pretty expensive. Althought the quality is great and pretty tempting, the price is too high for a single shade. But for those who don't have a cupboard full of makeup and want to purchase sparingly, this is their thing.
otherwise I see no issues and I feel it's really great! At least I want to check out the other shades as well. Recently I am into blues and purples and light creams, so I want to check out at the shop what they have.
Here is my easiest eye makeup done

Hope you like this

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The product was given to me by the company for consideration. But my opinion is completely unaffected by it.


  1. Looks gorgeous on your eyes :) Good Review

  2. Hmm, I'd like to try this shade too!!!!

    1. Go ahead. You know what? You should also check out their 'pure gold' if you are a gold fan. It would just blow take away your breath!

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  4. this is going to be my next buying........... nice shade

  5. this is sooo good...you have very very pretty eyes :)

  6. pretty shade and beautiful eyes :)

    1. Hey, thanks. But I love your EOTDS better :)

  7. Looks damn good on youe, lovely eyes and long lashes! :)

  8. are they your real lashes?? They are soo long and lovely!

    1. Hehehhehe! That's a huge compliment!!! :D

  9. ur eyes look lovely and the shades looks beautiful!!! :)

  10. Looks so beautiful on you, totally love the last 2 pics,your eyes look mesmerizing! I'm falling in love with stuff from faces cosmetics


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