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My Janurary Empties

I may be offline a bit, but still it doesn't get me off the hook of my resolution. Well, I had to make slight changes because of my resolution I was going kind of extreme, like I finished up a body lotion and needed one. But I won;t my and ended up with flaky skin. My dad was kind of freaked out and got me a bottle and said I should stick to my empties decision but not compromised upon the necessities :P
So, as far as I am concerned, here are the empties

1: Biotique Morning Nectar Lotion:  This is one of my winter favorites. it takes care of any kind of dry skin. I used it even for my body and it wonderfully for my extra dry skin. Anybody suffering from this kind of problem may give this one a try. I think it won;t be a disappointment. For complete review click here

2: Dabur Gulabari Rose Water: My toner was finsihed , so I have been using this one. Nothing too special about it, but it's pretty safe since this is foodgrade. My mum uses it in biriyanis. SLURP!!!

3: Lakme Rose Powder: A lovely smelling good loose powder which goes easy on the pocket and delivers what a loose powder should. Click here for review

4 Avon Personal Matchstick Concealer: Oil-free and nicely pigmented. But sadly not exactly a match for my skin tone.
5 Avon Lipbalm in Strawberry: My all time favourite. Cheap, sweet, smells good and gets rid of all the dry flakes. But the other variants are pretty horrible. I am using the peach one which is no good and is kind of yukky :( Review here

6 Avon Nourishing Cream: I got it for 25 bucks! Yes, you read it right. Used it on my face, no problem. Becasue it's a tiny tube, I carried it around as a hand cream and it worked wonders! Used it on my hands and legs too and it was better than most body lotions. Review soon

So that's that. Any likes in common? Do let me know.

Bbye for now


  1. i hvnt used any of these :)

  2. Hey Nivedita I have used Biotique Morning Nectar Lotion and agree with your experience... mine is also very pleasant :)

  3. I really like Morning Nectar myself - very good lotion! :D.. on my 3rd bottle :D

  4. nivi nice post...am actually using all my shampoos...
    biotique products have never worked for me...will give this morning nectar a try :)

  5. I like the Morning Nectar too..love using it in winters..have the bigger bottle and dunno when would I be able to finish it :/

  6. Even i have to take resolution i think..but i'm not sure i'll be able to stick to it like you :(

  7. i feel so motivated right now.Even i am on a no shopping till March resolution.I hope i finish up some of my stash.Fingers crossed. :) really proud of you. :)


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