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My search for HG cleanser ends with The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

 The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, photo, review
From the The body Shop sale, I bought a full size of the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser because I so fell in love with it. Frankly, earlier I used to kind of avoid The Body Shop stuff because of the pocket pinch. This year, i decided not to heard on regular stuffs, but spend them on special things in stead. That way, the pocket pinch remaines the same.

I had bought a travel size mini kit of the Vitamin E range. Frankly, some had discouraged me since most dry skin girls love them. But since my skin is acne prone and dry in winters, I decided to give this kit a try. Although the kit says it is mean for all skin types, even the SA discouraged.But I know Vitamin E is good for blemishes etc. So, I went ahead. The result was totally worth the risk! This has suited me to the T! The cleanser is wonderful, the cream sinks in, the toner...hold on.. I'd review in sequence. but now I'm officialy in love with this range

Getting back to the cleanser,

Price 515 INR for 200 ml

What I loved:
  1. You don't need a whole lot if it for your entire face. Even then, I wash my face with regular facewash first and then, clean up with this one.
  2. It removed every speck of dirt and grime. It even softens up the dead cells and helps removing them.
  3. The BEST part: It removed all my stubborn eye make up WITHOUT stinging my eyes!! I was thinking of getting the eye and lip makeup remover from Revlon, but 200 ml of the cleanser costs around 515 INR. ( got my full size one on discount). That way, this is more cost effective. 
  4. The first cleanser that doesn't leave any kind of film/residue whatsoever and leaves my skin squeaky clean.
  5. Come sin a sturdy bottle which doesn't spill or leak etc.
What I did not love that much:

Like all TBS products, it's expensive. I bought my full size bottle on 15% discount .

Some comments:

These days, I mostly clean my eye makeup with this cleanser. the eye area feels soothed as well. Moreover, I don;t know if this is the healer, when I regularly use the CTM with the whole range, my acnes are largely reduced. The effects ony blemishes and scars with this range.. I'm not sure. I would observe this for some more time and keep you updated on this for sure.

Do I recommend? If you are looking for a a cleanser that knows it's job and also does some good to your skin, this is The product for you.

Shall I repurchase? My search for the perfect cleanser had come to an end with this and I already did stock on the full size bottle which had some discount during this sale.

What about you? Have you ever used this? What is your skin type? Do you like? Surely do tell me