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Inglot goodies-- dare to wear red? #103 and #33 refill

Yes, when he was here, he gave me a couple of lippies. Knowing my love for makeup and stuff, esp for lip products, he knows he cannot go wrong with lippies. So, these were the gifts this time!
I let you gape at this until I come up with reviews etc.
Btw, yes, the red lipstick is the hottest color around I think!


  1. Great stuff <3 waiting for the reviews!!!

  2. woww !!! i hope you had a wonderful tym .. waiting for review !!!

  3. aww :) perfect gifts for you Niv :)
    that shade is soooo pretty :)
    Review soon okie..

  4. Wow the Boy is catching up fast on the beauty stuff and the brands you fancy! great stuff waiting for review of that 103 lippie

  5. You so love reds na..both lippies r looking nice :)

  6. I am gaping and drooling........That red lippi luks super hot...

  7. Did he get those himself? or did you go along? That 103 looks so nice :)

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