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Lakme Fruit Blast Berry Lush Facewash

Lakme Fruit Blast  Berry Lush Facewash

Facewashes and shower gels are not mere cleansers, but a relief in hot summers. Lakme Berry Wash Face Wash, even if is not the best thing around, is one of the best feel good products I would love repurchasing.

Price 50 grams for 70 INR.

I had picked this up just on an impulse. Saw that there was a small discount going on. I needed a facewash, yes, I do run out of them sometimes :P. So, all the better.

When my mum tried it, she was overjoyed. Not becaseu ti was something extra-ordinary, but it looks so beautiful with a dark berry red color with a few strawberry seeds in it. You need only a pea sized amount to work up the lather and it cleanses very well. Almost all of my water-proof makeups up come with it.


What's nice?
  • A decent facewash which won;t really burn a hole in the pocket.
  • Mildly and pleasantly fragranced.
  • A small quantity would do a decent job.
  • Cleanses really well.
  • Mild minty hints gives a  cooling sensation on the skin, yet not strong enough to irritate it.
  • Sturdy tube.
  • Looks really beautiful. If not for any other reason, this reason might be enough for repurchase.

Not so nice things:
  • Nothing exceptional did it do to the skin. No reduction of breakouts etc. 
  • Leaves the skin quite dry. Have to followup with a moisturizer.
Verdict: overall it's a good cleanser with a feel-good factor to it. But nothing exceptional.

Shall I repurchase? I might.

Have you used this? What's your thought?


  1. Nice Review :) I had this one and loved it for the cooling sensation.

    1. I see what you mean. I loved the color more :P

  2. Haven't tried dis .. I dnt take risks wit lakme PDts on my face .. Breaks me out

    1. That's bad. Yes, some brands suit some while others dont

  3. I too have used this. It was great during summers(as I have oily skin) :)

    1. That's nice! Good to know a fellow oily skinned beauty's opinion. I'm also planning to try out the other variants

  4. this one does look tempting but I somehow manage to curb my temptation everytime :) coz I have used the mask and it was just a feel-good mask and didn't do anything so I had no great expectations from it.

    1. Naturally. Even this one did nothing 'great;, but well, IMo if 'feel -good factores' come a low price, this would be my cuppa :)

  5. i have the strawberry one.....would try this one too...thnx for the review:)


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