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Jovees Sun Block SPF 45

Jovees Sun Block SPF 45 by Simantini

Summers and sunscreens come in the pair of demons-and-weapons. Shakespeare could have marveled on the beauty of the summer’s day, for he lived in foggy England. But we live in hot and humid India, and let me speak for myself – I hate summers! And if there’s any one beauty product that helps me beat the UV rays during the span of March-June, it’s a sun-block.

I am a huge fan of Jovees products, mainly because they suit my combination skin very well, and are good for the pocket when you have to use them on a regular basis. Also, Jovees products are easily available in most departmental stores.
This sun-block is SPF 45, and here is an easy formula how to calculate what degree of SPF would suit your lifestyle. The number of minutes a sun-block works to put off the UV rays in its maximum effect is 4 times the SPF. So, if your sun-block is SPF 15, it works to its maximum capability for 15X4 = 60 minutes. This is why I prefer a higher SPF sun-block.
What It Promises:
This sun-block promises to have Anjeer and Carrot extracts, and also other useful ingredients like sandalwood. It is supposed to be both oil free and water resistant. I have been using it for more than a year, and I think what they have promised is quite true. If you apply the sun-block and remain indoors for 15minutes or so, you won’t sweat much, which is a common problem faced by many. Also, light splashes of water do not take it off completely, and you can feel the cream on you.
The Price:
255 INR for 100gm tube.

1.       The high SPF, for it ensures that my skin will be protected completely for at least 2hours 20minutes.
2.       The price is good, and the shelf life is 3years, so you can continue for more than one summer with one tube.
1.       It’s very thick. It feels sticky for a few minutes on the skin, and if you go out in the sun immediately after applying it, you might start to sweat profusely. So, you must let the sun-clock set on the skin for about 10-15 minutes.
2.       The smell reminds me of the kind of creams my granny used to use!! The odd fair-and-lovely kind of smell. Not that it is very strong, but just that, the smell could have been better.
Final Report:
Well, as for me, I like it. When we have to survive the Indian summer, we need something strong and useful, and this sun-block has proven to be a good one.

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  1. Hi Simi, thanks for writing the post. I still remember how you raves about the Jovees sunscreens. Since you have been using it for such a long time, I think I should really give this a try too. :)

  2. never tried jovees products!!


  3. but sticky is a no no for me :(

  4. I also lve jovees stuffs.......some of their products offer good results.....

  5. Me oily skinned :( this is not my pick.

  6. i am yet to try Jovees... Gr8, it works so well wid u

  7. Just bought it..I have dry skin n works well for me :)

  8. Please give review on the Jovees sun defence SPF 50 pa+++...


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