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Lakme High Definition Eyeliner

Lakme High Definition Eyeliner
I know most of you think black is boring. For me, it is not. I feel it's one color that compliments everything depending on how you wear. I have an obsession for dark nails and dark liners and black is my on the go for both. Besides, being dusky, it's a shade that shows up more beautifully.
I have another issue with liners. I prefer brushes and straight brushes more than that. I secretly detest felt tip liners. But in order to give that a chance, I bought the Lakme High Definition Liner.

I bought it last year, right before these were discontinued and I'm still at a loss why they did so. May be to give their Eye Artist felt tip liners a better chance. Coming back to my experience:
At first I was pretty disappointed. I felt the black was not black enough and with the felt tip, I couldn't draw the line either thin enough or couldn;t layer on to the depth.
Moreover, I tended to poke my eyes whenever I am in a hurry. ( I never poked my eyes with brush on liners).
So, it became a friend of little Jack horner and sat in a corner until one day, I decided to try it on my kajal .

Since I already had the the kajal on, I just layered this on it and voila! The soft kajal look without the smudging.

No more fuss,

  1. It can be layered onto desired color depth.
  2. The felt tip is nice ( read I have learnt to work with it)
  3. A good quantity for the price.
  4. Stays on for a long time.
  5. On my oily lids, after some time, it looks glossy ( or is it me?)
  1. I don't like felt tips . I don't know how to emphasize this enough.
  2. It pokes my eyes.
  3. Looks matte at first .
  4. The application cam be tricky and streaky unless you keep dipping the tip in the bottle.
Overall: Girls who likes felt tips, might like them, I would not repurchase. Not that is is possible either.

Have you used this liner? Did you like or dislike? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts.


  1. Never tried felt tips. I am lazy when it comes to eyeliners :P I am good with my Faces liner :D

  2. black wud never be boring! it is the classiest color ever! i totally second your opinion on black liners..its been discontinued? too bad.. :( btw i always poke my eyes with the mascara applicator.. :P

  3. i had it like ages ago..like maybe in skul. n i truly understand wat u said about felt tips..dont like them either

  4. I had used the earlier version of this(brush liner and chubbier bottle). In fact, in those days, Lakme was the only possible liner that we could get :-))

    Still r'mber how glad we were when they launched brown and blue variations..

  5. Black eyliner is a MUST for me. but like you, i avoid felt tips so much that i can go around without a liner rather than having a felt tip kinds.

  6. me too... bl;ack is evergreen that way... :)

  7. I think I tried this ages back..Not a huge fan of this

  8. I don't like this stuff............ it clumps my eyes vry much :(


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