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My March Favourites related to skincare

I always love reading up others' month's favourite and empties post, but generally never end up doing any. Blame it on my laziness. But now, I have decided to come out of it and start posting again.
So, what have I been using this month. Well, while the skincare products are almost constant, I really can;t decide on the makeup. Still, I shall  put down the makeups that I have been reaching out for frequently. But in a following post.That way, I guess they should be called monthly-most-used -products, rather than favourites. Anyway here they are

Skin Care

1 Himalaya Gentle Refreshing Toner:  Most of us, count me in the tribe, neglect the toning part of the skin. I always feels why spend money for something that neither cleanses nor moisturizes? But that a toner does make a real difference, you can find out with prolonged use. I simply love this toner. Alcohol-free and mild, this refreshes my oily skin. For some, it makes the skin oilier. But since I tend to mist it on my face with a spray-bottle, and then dab off with a towel, I have no such issues. For more read here.

2 Lotus Phyto Rx Rejuvina etc Lotion:  ok I admit the etc is not there. :P The name is too long. I refer to call it Lotus Phyto Rx Lotion. Apart from Lactocalamine, this is my HG. Mild rashes, sun burn, allergic eruptions, everything is taken care of by this lotion. I already have a couple of backups and I'm sure this would be my friend all summer. ( yes, it makes the skin oily-- eventually).

3 Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk:  I haven't reviewed it yet. But would comeup soon. So, hold your breath till then.

4 Liz Earle Energizing Body Lotion: For my dry skin, when rich creams becomes sticky, yet most body lotions are defeated, as I presumed, this came to my rescue. Thick, gets absorbed quickly, yet spreads easily, it is a luxuty. This non-sticky fresh-smelling beauty is able to take care of my dry skin for 10 hours straight. But the price is a real cut-throat!

5 Lactocalamine Classic: From tan to break outs, I could write a really long novel-sized essay. So, you better chech out the reviews here and here. ( there are two).

Without lip products, my kit is never complete.

6 Avon Naturals Lipbalm is Strawberry: Tinted, fragranced ( strongly), cleans up all the stubborn flakes and leaves my lips just pink! Yes, it does. A must have for me.

7 VLCC Lipbalm in Mandarin: With SPF 10, this makes a good lipbalm. Although too light for my dry lips and on sticky to stay put, still, it's not a bad buy. I am fond of the mild orange fragrance.

8 Soulflower Cleansing Bar in Pink for Skin: How can I do without a cleanser? For the past three months I have been loyal to this cleansing bar. On my face I am using this one only. By now, the soap has become quite thin, but I felt too lazy to click another image. I guess it's going to last me another month. Surely I would repurchase.

In the next post, I would be showing you my most used makeup products of this month.

So, what do you think of this ladies? Anything common with me? What are your favourites from each category? Don't forget to share in the comment box below.
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  1. Love the Lotus lotion <3 Great faves Nivi!

  2. the lotus lotion seems interesting ??

  3. I'm a big fan of lacto calamine lotion too. It's great. The soap looks really good. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. I fond these posts very helpful.

  4. Ah, Lactocalamine, so many allergies were thwarted thanks to you. <3
    That was a great post! I want to do one of these but I never end up finishing anything. -__-

  5. we hv two things in common ... lactocalamine n avon balm hehehe

  6. njoyd reading tis..my fave is Vlcc lipbalm & lactocalamine...nd eager to read abt d garnier cleansing milk

  7. Lacto calamine has been our all time favorite lotion! Its a multipurpose lotion. Nice post! Keep up the good work! :)

  8. Lactocalamine!!!! common and most precious!! Brightens up my face instantly and soothes my post-threading bumps! Loooowe!

  9. and the avon strawberry...after your review I realized that only this flavour helps me with the flakes and dry lips, the others Ive used just moisturize so im getting me some more of this one!!

  10. I am too digging the LC and Lotus one this summers..

  11. i have once used that vlcc lipbalm..didnt like it at all.. :( the rest looks nice though.. :)

  12. great post. I would love to try the soulflower soap


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