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Vaseline Total Moisture 24 hour Cream

Winters are not the best time for us, ladies who have very dry body skin. Since my hands often feel dry because of papers, I like to keep a cream handy. Luckily, for me, any kind of cream or lotion does the job. Once, when I was out, I realized, I did not have any cream with me. So, I just hopped into a store and picked up this cream. I picked it just because it was cheap and came in a tube. :P

Price and quantity: Rs 22 for 20 gm and Rs 38 for 40 grams.

My experience: It is a thick cream that is mildly fragranced. I had premonitions before actually putting it on. But once I gave it a try, there was no looking back. It moisturizes my skin for a really long time! Say 20 hours straight on a cold winter day. And the best part? A hazelnut amount does for both my arms. Two for both legs, etc.That way, I actually don;t need a whole lot of it.
There is another way it can be used. As per the directions, you can also use it around your lips to prevent the dryness around the mouth. This dryness is not very uncommon. My father tried it that way and it worked for him.
What more do I need from a cream that comes so cheap and never breaks out?
From everything, I am curious if I can use it on my whole face. I know there are plenty of options, but seeing the effectiveness, and given it never gave me rashes, I really feel tempted to try it in the cold winter when everything fails.

Did I also mention  that it also worked as a good footcream for me?

Dislikes? Nothing! Really nothing! It's not a miracle product, at least I don't expect a miracle given the price. Even then, it met my expectations in more ways than I ever anticipated. So, I AM going to repurchase it and recommend it to everyone else.
I really wish there was an even bigger tube available.

What about you? Have you ever tried this cream?


  1. i have seen it on tv..i have used the total moisture body lotion and absolutely loved it..i wanna try this next :)

    1. I think you would not be disappointed Kuheli. In any case, it's not a lot of money at stake

  2. bah! I like vaseline..wen my stash gets over this would be my next pick up :D

  3. Thanks for the review: I ♥ using moisturizers but my kit could use an update...I'm interested in checking out one from Lush as well as getting this :)

  4. I have seen this, now after reading your review I am thinking of purchasing it

  5. Cool Review Nivedita.. I have been asking some of my friends about this cream and no one had a clue :) Thank you sooo much.
    I am purchasing it by this weekend. It's really a wonder that it keeps skin moisturized for 20 hours!

  6. I would sure look for it. Sounds so good :)


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