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Yardley of London English Lavender Facewash

Februaries are usually worst time of the year for me. Yes girls, I admit. While everyone goes out, I kind of shut off myself because I miss him too much. This year was no exception. But a surprise really made my day! A box arrived with a facewash. Well, does it mean it was a substitute for the day? Not really, still it made my day because there were so many chocolates!!!! The box not only contained a facewash, since it was February, the brand had thoughtfully included some crunchy chocolates! I shared it with my little niece.. err... did I have an option? Hahahaha!

My experience: Honestly, more than a year back, I never used Yardley of London. But ever since I started using their deos ( review here) and the soaps, I have become quite fond of this brand. Those who love some classic scents without a real pocket pinch, Yardley would be yours to try.

Since the brand chiefly makes scented products, I did not really have too high expections. Moreover, this particular one is meant for dry skin and contains avocado oil, which means it is NOT oil-free.

Still I gave this a try and surprisingly, although I expected pimples to raise their heads and say 'HELLO', nothing happened. Instead, most of my waterproof makeup came off with a single wash! Yes, that includes my stubborn mascara and Colorbar I-Glide pencil. How cool is that?
The scent is that of lavender and somehow reminds me of mauri. When I just want to remove the makeup without drying my skin, I reach for this one.

Priced at Rs 70 for 50 gm, there are other variants available.

By now, you have understood that I liked the Facewash. yes, I did. still, let me sum up everything.

  1. Pretty inexpensive.
  2. Gentle on the skin.
  3. Even though meant for dry skin, never broke me out.
  4. Smells good and refreshing.
  5. lathers well, but not overtly at the same time.
  6. Removes 90% of my stubborn make up. The biggest plus point. I wash my face before using a cleansing milk.
  7. Doesn't make the skin significantly stretchy.
This exactly is not meant for my skin. So can't complain about anything. Didn't break me out. So, what fault can I really find?

the chocolates

Verdict: If you are a dry-skinned beauty, check this out for sure. Nothing to lose.

Shall I repurchase? My cleansing routine is rather a meticulous one. I was my face before cleansing again with a makeup remover. So, using a mild facewash like this, which already does 3/4th of the job done without drying out my skin, is a real help .

Try or pass?

The product was sent to me by the brand for consideration, but that has not affected my review


  1. i fell in love with Yardley's facewash

  2. ooH i really want to get my hands on this now!

  3. i m die-hard fan of yardley deos- particularly the english rose one... i was abt to pick this facewash last time i was shopping n somehow missed it..

    sounds good.... nice review... :)

  4. this good for dry skin no side effect on skin


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