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Himalaya Herbals Shampoo for Oily Hair

Summer is all about bathing. What is more refreshing than a shower in this Indian summer? So, shampoos make an essential part of my daily regime and I like to keep my hair sqeaky clean.
Now, I had received this shampoo as a gift with purchase almost two years back. But , I have not been using it frequently for obvious reasons I am going to talk about.

My experience: This shampoo is meant for oily hair. When I used to go to the University, the heat and grime throughout the day definitely made my scalp oily and yes, the sweat made it obnoxiously sticky.
On receiving this, I skeptically gave this a try since I don't like to tamper with the natural oils of my body be it on my oily face or my hair. Still I went ahead. And guess what? It removed the oil on the scalp without leaving it overtly dry.
BUT, on the other hand, like all Himalaya Shampoos ( read the reviews here and here), it doesn't moisturize the hair. So, my dry kind of hair stayed parched all the same.

What I also noticed was that, it removes all kind of deposits from my hair, the hair products, or the ingredients of shapoos that build up over time. In fact, my hair absorbs the conditioners better after washing with this one. But yes, there are cons. So, here is the good and the bad.

The good:
  1. It's an affordable shampoo that looks good and smells good and cleanses the hair well.
  2. It removes all kind of build ups from my hair. I actually used this as a detox shampoo following up with a hairmask.
  3. It removes oil and grime from the scalp without drying them up.
  4. Mild on the hair.
  5. A moderate quantity lathers well enough to cleanse.
The Bad:
  1. It does nothing to moisturize or nourish the hair. I cannot even imagine using this without a conditioner.
  2. Since my hair is dry and wavy type, I cannot use this regularly.

Ingredient list and else:

Shall I repurchase? No. I would not. I would rather have the other variants as a detox shampoo but not this one.

Do I recommend? If you suffer from oily scalp or oily hair with bad odor, I would definitely recommend this one , but you MUST follow up with a rich conditioner afterwards.

What about you? Which one is your favorite shampoo? Mine is Sunsilk Thick and Long which I have been using for almost one year. Which one would you like to suggest?


  1. wondering how about hair fall.. God i need a God sent shampoo to deal with that!

    1. Try Loreal Anti hairfall shampoo. My friend is using it & she is all praise for this shampoo

  2. My favourite shampoo is Pantene Lively Clean. I have oily scalp N this work wonders on my scalp. Will give this Himalaya shampoo a try.

  3. Great review Nivedita, you should try Wella or Matrix Shampoo, both are great<3

  4. I used to love this shampoo in school! My hair was a freaking oil well! But overtime it did make my hair dry, so I stopped using it. :( They have new bottles now right? I wonder if they changed the formula..

  5. hi wat is the best shampoo for oily scalp..

  6. hi gals where do i get those shampoo in singapore pls help...tks. and wat is the best shampoo for 11yr old gal..

  7. i have oily hair.himalaya herbals how can removes all kind of build ups from my hair? oily<.and how can used this.please give me solution


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