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Just Herbs Aloe Vera Facial Massage gel made of just herbs?

                                                        Just herbs Aloe Vera Massage Gel
I am often intrigued my herbal products. The idea of being natural etc. kind of gets me curious. I have aloe vera plants in pots and they do nothing but proliferate because I am too lazy to use them. When I received the Just Herbs Aloe Vera gel, I wondered if this was really made of aloe vera, or just another claim. But when I opened it, eeeks!  It is indeed made of aloe vera.

 How do I know? the Just herbs Aloe Vera massage gel  has texture of an Aloe Vera juice and above all it
smells strongly of the natural aloevera which I detest. Even though it looks green because of some few other components, it is indeed the gel base of Aloe vera.

My experience: At first I was baffled about it's usage since there is no direction. On my first use, I simply kept massaging and the gel started to dry up like real aloe vera and then I put on some more. But it felt dense. I left it on my face and my face felt a bit sticky.
Wrong!! That's not how you use it. Next time, I applied it on my face, and then added some water and kept massaging in a circular motion. This time it was  just perfect! I could massage my oily skin with much ease and the added water with the gel texture just made it a cakewalk.

What I liked about it:
  1.  I firmly believe it is made of aloe vera. Aloe vera on it's own is itself a wonderful magic potion.
  2. Most oily beauties like me pine and waste because the massage creams are usually heavy on our skin. But since this is a gel texture, there is no such issue.
  3. Removes tan to a considerable extent.
  4. The skin feels calm, smooth and looks radiant.
  5. Did not irritate my sensitive skin.
  6. The pot even though not too big, would last a few months given a little is required.
What did not go well for me:
  1. The smell is really too repulsive for me. It smells strongly of herbals. Moreover, it doesn't smell of added fragrance, but of real herbal juices.
  2. There could have been a direction. Initially I myself, was at a loss about how I could use it.
  3. There was a seal , but the seal came off just as I unscrewed the lid. I wish the seal was effective.
  4. It's a bit pricey.

I am always a bit cautious about herbals products. You can confirm with your dermatologist that herbals products more often can irritate the skin than non-herbal ones, because often the ingredients are too potent  as in the case of essential oils. But since we are using this with water, there should be no such issue for you.

Price: 395 for 100 grams.

Do I recommend? If you like to massage your face and wish for something more natural, give this a try. But dry skin beauties must not expect this to 'moisturize' the skin. It nourishes the skin.

Shall I repurchase? I might.

Do you have any favourite massage cream of gel? Which ones do you use?

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Product sent by the brand. My opinion is honest.


  1. alovera gels r really nice for oily skin ... n nice to knw tht im nt the only one who checks the ingredients n see whether is all natural ! nice twist

    1. :) I'm kind of freaky when it comes to ingredients, although I never complained of any :P

  2. sounds like a good product for summers na?

    1. I think I would be able to use it all the year round. Yes, a special treat for summers :)

  3. the cooling effect aloe vera has is awesome bt dat sticky feel is so yuck

    1. Actually, after massaging and leaving it for a few minutes, I wipe it off with a wet cloth. So, no complaints here :P

  4. I found its fragrance rather very soothing for my sesnses :p smells of cucumber n multani mitti,like ayur cucmber readymade pack! I found out a bit sticky too! I am adding rose water an dhoney with it an massaging, getting good result!But its very very precy for such less amount!

    1. True. Even I thought so. But ever since I started using it with water, I need a very little amount. So, I think it would be there with me for a long time :)

  5. definitely pricey!!! and, it looks like a green goo...yuck!!!

    1. I actually like the green jelly like texture :)

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  7. hmm have dry skin planning to start massaging :)
    myt give it a dry I need nourishment dats nf :)


    1. :) Why don;t you try a good night cream? It helps in more ways than you know

  8. i have combination skin...does it work on combination skin???


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