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SOS: Save our skin with Lotus Herbal's Safe sun sunscreen lotion SPF70 PA+++

Lotus Herbal's Safe sun sunscreen lotion SPF70 PA+++ review

I like summers better. It's my frenimy. Even though my skin is prone to pigmentation, it stays in a better condition during summers, with less amount of break outs. But being prone to pigmentation and burning, sunscreens are absolutely essential for me. I have seen and heard that Lotus Herbal's sunscreens are absolute winner. Even though I was dubious, once I tried the new sunscreen with SPF70, I actually jumped up with joy!

Lotus Herbal's Safe sun sunscreen lotion SPF70 PA+++
  What I felt: It is a beige colored lotion. At first I thought it was a tinted moisturizer. But no, it doesn't add any color whatsoever. Once I applied, it spread around smoothly and was absorbed in a minute without any stickiness or oiliness. Yes, now I dare to wear foundation on it. It doesn't 'turn' my face oily, but my face becomes oily at it's own pace. So, while this doesn't keep my skin 'matte', it doesn't further add to the oiliness either.
If I brush on some loose powder, I am good to go.

Now the best part, I have worn it and spent more than two hours in the sun ( I should not), but thankfully, no tanning at all! No skin darkening either! I won't badger about packing etc. This is just a HIT with me. It does what my ideal sunscreen would do and doesn;t feel sticky or heavy on the skin.

  1. Easily available in the stores.
  2. Does what an ideal sunscreen should! No tanning, to skin darkening, no breakouts and doesn;t feel heavy on the skin!
  3. Smooths out my skin texture.
  4. If used only for the face, this 60gm tube would last me for quite sometime.
  5. Complete protection with PA+++
I won't discuss the packing etc because I'm so happy with the product itself, I don't care about those.

  1. Too pricey! 495 INR for 60 gm is just too pricey. ( Bu then, it's my perfect sunscreen now. I think I can now fore go my Lakme Sunscreen SPF50)

Shall I repurchase? yes. I would. But because of the price, I would use only if I'm going out in the sun ( I often wear my sunscreen even at home).

Do I recommend? If your skin is prone to burning and tanning, you really don;t need to look at another sunscreen. I think I would label it as the best one so far.

Have you used this sunscreen? Did you like it?

  1. The product was sent by the brand. Honest review. My priority is always you.


  1. I used Lotus sunscreen SPF 50 last season on a road trip (means tons of sun exposure and reapplication of sunscreen after every hour)- I swear my skin turned angry shade of orange during the course of the day :( I've been so weary of re-trying this,I'm using a Dermatologist recommended sunscreen called Suncross and that's been working well for me.

    1. huh! My best friend and even my sis swears by the SPF%) spray! In fact my friend gets uneven skin tone from the sun unless she is out out with this.
      But then, it;s quite possible since each of us have a different kind of skin.
      Hey, my parents also use the suncros which is great. I used the Sungrace which offers even higher protection. ( Both recommended by our dermatologist)

  2. all lotus sunscreens ve same tube packaging...anyways glad this sunscreen is working for you

    1. No Ray, some come in bottles as well. Wait, I'd review soon. :) Ya, me too since I have this typical problem skin I would call it

  3. nice review, I am loving it too. But mine is SPF 90 wala. Thank you :)

    1. That's great! please come up with a review soon.

  4. This is the best post!!! More sunscreen reviews please!! I'm going on a vacation in a couple of weeks so this is perfect!

    1. :D Thank you! Alright, wait a day or two more. I would come up with them :) and also my solutions of dealing with burns an tans

  5. I am currently using the Ranbaxy Suncros sunscreen with SPF 26.However,the freckles seem to increase day by day.Would you suggest switching over to this since it has a higher SPF?As you already know,my skin is oily and prone to acne. :) Suncros makes me sweat too.Also,if you could suggest some wonder product to get rid of the freckles (they are few on my right cheekbone) I shall be grateful! :)

    1. Hi Oindy, since you are using suncros , I assume it has been on the recommendation of your dermatologist. My parents had also used it at some point of time and they also camplained the same. My mum complained of sweating and thich, heavy feeling. later the doctor changed it to Meladerm. Now, since it is not a cosmetic cure, I cannot really recommend replacing the Suncros.
      My own skin is prone to tanning ang pigmentation and all of Lotus SPF70, Lotus SPF 50 sunblock spray and Lakme has worked for me. I used to wear Sungrace recommended by my doctor. But I prefer these because I found these more efficient. But I did consult my doctor who gave me the green signal.
      I would say, you can use this safely. But PLEASE ( can;t stress is enough) discuss this with your doctor first. ( I assure you he won;t be cross).

      Let me know what you did and if this helped :)

  6. Thanks a lot for the valuable suggestions.I need to see my dermatologist again specially so that I can change my sunscreen.I think I need higher protection since I see an increase in the freckles.You have mentioned 3 products.Do you use them simultaneously?If yes,what is the method of use;one on top of the other?Also,Meladerm seems to be a skin lightening cream.Is there a sunscreen available by the same name?If you don't mind I would like to know the name of your dermatologist too.Good ones are hard to find!


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