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Deborah 24 Ore Extreme got me hooked on!

I don't know what comes over me at the sight of lipsticks. I kind of itch if I do not get to lay my hands on them or if I cannot feel the color glide over my lips. If you want to find out what mood I am in, read my lips! Rather, read my lipcolor!  The color changes according to my mood and Deborah 24 Ore extreme in 07 has made me happy but so far I could not ascribe any of  my mood to this. So, it's my on-the-go lipstick now.

Deborah 24 Ore extreme in 07

It's a very beautiful berry pink color which looks bright as well as muted at the same time. It looks flashy on me, yet so my-lips-but better or ok, my better lips . Which ever way you like it, the choice is yours to make. LOL

Do I sound a bit crazy? Yes, I am tired, and I am not thinking straight. But still that doesn't change my opinion.
Deborah 24 Ore extreme in 07
Alright, alright, no more of my almost delirious chitchats, but what's the point of having a blog with 'chitchat' in the url without some real chitchats in the post?

So, here it is!

My initial reaction was blah! Because I do not like lipsticks that are matte. I am the glossy and shiny kind. you may say I love to shine and sometimes I do literally. ( The advantage of having an oily skin. Yuck!)

Alright, that was too obnoxious and not doing . Let me declare my solemn opinion on this

  1. The color is gorgeous! I think , for me, it;s the perfect balance between nude and bright which is what I adore it for. I won't have to give a second thought if I am stuck about which shade to choose.
  2. Even though it is matte, it glides on smoothly and two swipes cover up my now slightly pigmented lips.
  3. It sets into a matte finish which is not uncomfortably dry. I would not say I feel it perfect in all weathers, but it is better than most matte lipstick in terms of texture.
  4. It feels so light on my lips!   As if I am not wearing anything ( on my lips that is).
  5. Has a classy and beautiful light golden case.
  6. Stays put for a long time.
  7. All the shades from this particular range is pretty.
Deborah 24 Ore extreme in 07

  1. I wish it were creamier.  Then it won't be matte and what's a matte lipstick if it's not matte? On a serious note, the matte texture makes it more long staying.
  2. It is umm.. too pricey. At 595 INR I cannot see the bottomless pit it is going to burn in my pocket. Still, the color is worth the price IMO
I do like this lipstick and if not for texture, I want to get hold of them for the colors.

Do I recommend? If you are perennially suffering from dry lips, NO. But if you love matte lipsticks that should fit every occasion, like if you wanted one shade for all occasions, try this one!

PS: The product was sent to me by the brand. How can I bash it if I like it? Don't tell me I didn't say a bad thing about it. But then, I like the lipstick. Honest  unaffected opinion. 



  1. Shade is very pretty and looks so natural on lips <3

  2. lovely shade... i like these kinds of shades..:)

  3. i want to have one from this range, i am in love with the packaging!

  4. loved the natural pink color

  5. it is very pretty! i like it

  6. Nice review :) I have this and I love the shade vvvv much <3

  7. looks so natural on the lips Nivi. :) totally my kind of shade. Would love to try this out. :)

  8. that's a really pretty pink!!!

  9. Love the packaging..though the shade might be a lil' washy washy on me!


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