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Faces Go-Chic lipstick in Poppy Red and Fig

I have been raving about these Faces Cosmetics Go chic lipsticks for a pretty long time but never ended up reviewing them. Blame it on my laziness! So, here they are! I had bought Fig first from stylecraze.com Then I so liked it that I gave the Poppy Red a try and Voila! It's just my kind of red! But then, because of my skintone, all kind of reds become my kind of red. LOL.
 In fact, the Go chic Lipsticks game me the courage enough to try their Go Chic Eyeshadows which again was just a HIT with me!

Faces Go-Chic lipstick L Fig R: Poppy

Price: 199 for 4 grams I think

Fig is a nudish brown color with some fine shimmers and gives a kind of honey like effect on the lips

Poppy red is a bright orange red. I would call it pretty close to Inglot #103, but it is more red that Inglot one is. beware, it's that kind of red which screams out for attention!

My experience: The lipsticks came in cartons which I have thrown away. It had the complete ingredient list, etc.  I had expected these to be not of that good quality, but they surprised me with their pigmentation and staying powder. Given, these are creamy and makes no long stay claim, they fared pretty good.
The case is just right. Nothing too great, nothing bad. Only the cap may rotate a bit, but doesn't come off or dwindle around.
They did not make me already dry lips more dry, but  they did not make them extra soft either.

My likes:
  1. So  affordable!
  2. A wide selection of colors with browns and beautiful nudes to screaming reds, maroons and mauves
  3. The packaging is pretty good and minimalistic.
  4. Good quantity for the price.
  5. Stays put for quite a long time.
  6. When they leave, they leave behind a slight stain which looks pretty.
  7. Both the shades suit me well. But I have a spontaneous repulsion of browns.
  8. The Poppy Red is just for me!
  9. Does not dry out my lips.
For 199 bucks ( bought them on sale for around 170, I dis not expect them to turn out remotely as nice as these are.
Faces Go-Chic lipstick L Fig R: Poppy

  1. Not all the shades are available on the same site or in the same store

I really cannot think of any other con. I can safely declare Faces Go Chic lipsticks can be India's very own NYX Round lipsticks.

The swatches now
Faces Go-Chic lipstick L Fig R: Poppy

Do I recommend them? If you are looking for something super affordable and value for money go for these?

Shall I repurchase? I already did and have done that again ( I bought a Pink Carnation)

What about you? Have you tried these? Do you ladies prefer reds or browns?


  1. i've used hazelnut a lot and its almost on the verge to finish up :D i also have poppy red and yes it screams for attention !! <3

    1. Hahahaha. I love Poppy red so much that I could even write a long essay on it! or may be my first poem should be about it? :D
      hazelnut actually is more like what I thought Fig is going to be *sigh*

  2. I quite like Fig, looks perfect for sultry summers,reminds me of MAC Viva glam VI

    1. Is it? Good to know. May be I shall do a dupe for it? I am not the biggest fan of shades of this kind. Makes my lips look pigmented :(

  3. Fig looks gorgeous ... I liked poppy too but not daring enough to carry it :)

    1. :D yes, both are so pretty! I don't wear red everyday now. Can;t wear it at 10 o clock in the morning :(

  4. Hi...nice shades..will try fig.looks like a good shade to wear that work.

    1. yes, these lippies are so lovely. I bought another shade which is my third one from this range :P

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  6. 130 more shades and we can really call them the Indian round lipsticks! LOL! I'm yet to try these but I like their Satin Matte range too.. ALthough it isn't really matte. -_-


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