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Feel fresh with Summer Fresh from Parachute

Parachute Summer Fresh Body Lotion: On this space Simi or our dear Simantini had reviewed the other version of Parachute Body Lotion here which she had greatly liked. For summer, Parachute has come up with a lighter and of course even fresher version called Summer Fresh. What do they claim about it?

For me so far so good and the happy moment was when I got to enjoy this sitting relaxed in my room, with the refreshing vanilla scent of a candle and sucking on mint.

So comforting!

Have you tried this lotion yet?


  1. Nice nivedita ... this would come handy in monsoons too :) :) . .and are those candies ...yummm !!!

    1. hahaha! yes Rashmi. Actually it's quite light on the skin and I love it

  2. hey girl, just dropped by to let you know i am passing on an award to you... pls do accept..
    btw try freeman's shea butter and lemongrass lotion, smells super fresh...

  3. Hi Nivedita, you know what? Even though rainy seasons are supposed to be damp and moist, my skin somehow feels undernourished and dry. I tried all sorts of lotions, nothing helped till I tried this one. It is definitely good for the summers due to its mint content and extra sunscreen. But, for me Parachute advansed body lotion is perfect for rainy days.


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