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I am glad because.... red lips are back

There are certain things that can never be out of fashion and it looks like red lips can never lose the game. For this year’s trends, you can check my article here. But this post would be dedicated to my beloved red.
I love wearing red lipstick as it makes me feel like being myself.  What options do I have? Myself—numerous. Well, I am a dusky beauty ranging around NC41 in MAC. That’s a blessing because, every shade of red works for me. Whereas fairer skin have to worry about orange or pink undertones and darker ladies what to wear, I am blessed to be somewhere in between which makes my options numerous.
Here is my short list of a few celebrities of present date who top my list.

Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf: I am a serious Gossip Girl addict. Well, in fact, I do watch rather I have been watching quite a few TV serials over last couple of years. I would talk about that in another post. I feel Leighton wears it best ( ok, you can dispute).

Just the right way to wear it! The eyes balanced out with a wash of beige, dramatic lashes, thick liner on the upper lash line and the red mouth. I think she just nailed it! What do you think?

Oh, Blair Waldorf has an impeccable sense of fashion. I actually like her more than Blake Lively aka Serena Van der Woodsen

Next is Naomi Clarke aka AnnaLynne McCord. I'm sure not many of you watch 90210, but it happens to be one show that did not become very boring. Yes, the story keeps rolling and never bores me. AnnaLynne might not be the beauty per se, but there is something about her and her wardrobe of course.


Other girls wearing it right are from Pretty Little Liars. Meet Alison Delaurentis or 'A'. Sasha doesn;t come up on screen that often, but when she does, she does it right and she wears her red. No wonder red is often the most intimidating color.


Ashley Benson or Hanna. Not stick thin, but beautiful rather we can say beauty doesn't have to go hand in hand with anorexia. Mostly seen wearing berries and fuchsia she's a feisty beauty.

I am not mentioning Gwen Steephany, Penelope Cruz , Marilyn Monroe , Scarlett Johanson and the like because I'm sure you have read a hundred times about them.

No wonder I am going to pull out my reds again. But oops! shouldn't I so a swatch of my collection? What do you say?


  1. I love red lips too..just bought a hot orangey red one - Rubis Rouge from Chambor

    1. ha! swatch it asap!! I'm in for reds now!

  2. After a lifetime avoiding bold red lips I'm totally in love with red lippies. They can totally glam up a blah look and every girl must possess at least one classic red lippie :)

    1. hahaha! You of all people avoided reds! How come!!! I totally agree with you and cherry red feel made for me :D which one is your favorite at the moment?

  3. u r dusky? r u kidding me?? x(

    1. yes dear. I am. An NC41 is not the 'fair' tone you would want to call :D

  4. nice! time to get out that red lippie


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