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I needed an aftersun gel this summer and Liz Earle made Sunshade for me

Liz Earle Sunshade Botanical Aftersun Gel: This is too hot this summer and the monsoon is delayed in Bengal. The heat wave costed too many lives and it is still going on. Today one of my next door neighbors actually passed away having incurred a sun-stroke. May he rest in peace. His tenant, another elderly lady collapsed right after he died and she is hospitalized too. Now I'm sure our friends from colder countries would understand why we are not exactly fond of summers.
Liz Earle Sunshade Botanical Aftersun Gel

As usual, the summer does burn the skin. I am taking a meticulous care and so far so good.  One of the essential items that I have incorporated in my regime is the
After Sun Gel from Liz Earle.

My experience:At first I did not give too much of a thought. But on my first day to this session, I had been out in the mid-noon sun. Usually, after that kind of sun exposure my skin starts itching and breaks out even if I am wearing my sunscreen. I am using either Lotus SPF70+++ or Ponds' TM. That day, I actually forgot to put on anything against the sun. When I came home, as usual my face started itching and cold water brought little relief.
On seeing this on my shelf, I just took out a gob and spread it on my entire face.

Surprisingly, it felt cool on the skin and my skin felt instantly calmed! After a while the itching subsided.

I think it's the best remedy I have had for that skin irritation from the sun.

The thumbs up:
1 It does sooth my skin irritation from the sun.
2 It calms the skin.
3 Smells good but not strong enough to irritate your olfactories.
4 It's chiefly herbal .
5 Non-sticky. I use it on my face and body and even though it kind of sits on the skin first, gets completely absorbed in a while.
6 Huge quantity! Liz Earle products are usually too pricey. But a quanity of 200ml for £13.50 which is around 900 INR roughly I think.
7 The tube is quite sturdy for traveling.

Liz Earle Sunshade Botanical Aftersun Gel

Thumbs Down:
Apart from the price and availability in India ( the high shipping cost etc), I really have no complaints against this.
Btw, I heard the Caucasian people, that is people with white skin, who often even get blisters from prolonged sun exposure speak highly of this product. I guess this gel does good for people of every ethnic origin

I would recommend you to check this one out for once for sure. More so, if you are Living in the United Kingdom. By now I am pretty fond of Liz Earle products which are very gentle on the skin. You can read my other reviews  of Liz Earle products here

The post contains PR sample. Honest review