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Indian handicrafts on Craftsvilla.com

We always crib and cringe at the makeups available abroad which are mostly good. But when it comes to handicrafts or apparel, I am a desi girl. Why? I mostly wear cotton or silk. My skin is used to these two and usually I get rashes from other materials. Now, Indian apparel and crafts can amaze one. but the accessories like bags, etc, are sometimes not that practical. but the market is evolving and so do the goods adapt to that. Craftsvilla.com is the site which sells Indian handicrafts which also includes hand-looms, etc. recently, I got to shop from them.

 What drew my attention was that craftsvilla.com endeavors to bring artisans and buyers together.If you have observed, normally the handicrafts in India are sold at a very cheap rate and often the artisans are not paid well enough. I'm not sure what the case is here, but I saw the section on the site which says you can sell your goods through them. I think this might create a better opportunity for craftsmen who would like to get a better exposure.

Anyway, coming back to my experience, I as looking for some bags and I found myself swimming in the sea of bags and I was actually confused at the variety.
At last, I settled for a blue silk sling bag and a tiny pouch good enough to hold my wallet ( I use wallets) and mobiles etc.
The only thing that confused me was that, although I placed order for two bags together, they were shipped separately. May be because they were from different sellers.

The blue bag is simply gorgeous! It has lots of chains in case you like different compartments and I am too happy with the finish. The stitches are carefully done. In fact, from the very beginning, I got the impression of careful manufacturing  whoever made this bag.

The stitches running through not only makes a beautiful pattern, but makes the bad a bit more sturdy as well.
I just loved it. Look at the gorgeous patterns

Next is the little pouch

This is a cute little pouch, but unfortunately a bit too small for my purpose. But it has a lovely summery feel to it. Don't be fooled at the size. it has a small velcro sticker to keep it closed and a long sling to carry it across.

What I liked about the site:
  1. A wide range of goods showcasing and exposing Indian art and crafts.
  2. Each product ( the bags) have a description and size mentioned.
  3. A bag to suit every pocket.
  4. Neat making. 
  5. Lovely finishes.
  6. COD in India
  7. They also ship internationally at a flat rate of 500 INR ( around $9) and above 3500 INR ( Around $61), the shipping is free for international customers. That's awesome I think!
What made me a bit uncomfortable
  1. The bags being shipped separately. It;s not a real issue, but only a question of preference.
  2. The price is a bit higher. But then, I often get my stuff directly from the craftsmen. Hence, the price is bound to be much lower. You must also take into account the shipping charge, etc which is also mostly free. Again, internationally, people have got access to these. They won;t need to travel down here or keep a keen eye on how to get the Indian crafts.
  3. Some products, like the blue satin/silk bag, is not available on Cash on Delivery.
  4. Not every product is available for international shipping, but then ,that number is pretty low.

I know many of you have shopped from this site and also plan to. What was your experience like?
I had a gala time there.

PS: I was given a voucher for shoppping. But my opinion is honest as always.