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MAC a wish!!

 A MAC headline in your mail or in your dashboard might be pretty surprising esp if it comes from me, still a drugstore junkie and a MAC virgin. But why did I always skip MAC? I am not a makeup artist and I use very little makeup on a regular basis. So, I am always afraid that makeups which are surely going to leave me almost bankrupt would end up expired and thence in my trash bin. Besides, I love to satiate the shopaholic in me.

What women like me can do? Well, even sample size makeups last me a lifetime. We don;t really want to keep drooling over the high end cosmetics. How about we get to buy MAC cosmetics at a fraction of a price? STOP! I'm not talking about fake MAC in case you are wondering.Of course a fraction amount( substantial amount to see through several application) at a fraction of price?

Since samples are not that easily available at here here in India, I don't want to make a miss while choosing my shade. Ladies, please suggest me some shades from MAC esp the pigments.

If you could have MAC pigments which ones would you like? Give me some suggestions please --  Shades you have drooled over, shades that are always out of stock, shades you want to just give a try.

PS: Ok, I know what my post is  about and I am NOT talking about any website, or planning to purchase from any website. It was just a mere wish.

I am planning to PURCHASE a few loose pigments from MAC ( not dupes or alternatives). That is the reason I am asking for your help dear friends.

* I am glad for the suggestions about the alternatives but I want suggestion for MAC shades only. No hard feelings, really*


  1. Same here..samples would last me a lifetime too :p I liked the site Pooja shopped from..I would definitely recommend the Bronze pigment..loved it..

  2. If you are talking about the website that sells sample sized jars of MAC pigments, then anyone shud buy them only if they are too much into eye make up !! If you buy only for the sake of possessing a 'MAC' product then there are options like a lipstick or a tinted lip conditioner which will be used often and won't go waste !! Also buying something like Fix+ makes more sense if you aren't too much into make up !! If price is the issue, then I prefer buying less but good stuff!!

  3. I agree with Dhara word-to-word :D buying lipstick is a safe bet ...

  4. @Bhumika and @Dhara: Nopes. I am not talking about any website at all! I am playing around with the concept. I want some recommendations ladies

    1. Oh ! but i still feel that its btr to start your collection with a lipstick or e/s....here are some of the products thst you must check out...all tried and tested ...

      Lipsticks: Twig, Brick O La, Cosmo, Fanfare, Hug me, Spirit, Plumfull, Syrup.
      Lipglass: Deelight, Partial to Pink, Ample Pink, Richer Lusher.
      E/s: Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Amber Lights, Expensive Pink, Soft Brown, Folie, Texture.
      Eye pencil: Graph Black, Tealo.
      Blush: Mocha, Peachykeen, Gingerly.
      Studio Fix/Tech (compact+foundation)
      Fix+ spray.
      Prep+prime face primer.

  5. I own some MAC stuff but not pigments as am not much into eye makeup..I love MAC lipsticks esp the satin finish ones..The eyeshadows n blushes r very pigmented..My favourites in eyeshadows wud be amberlights and antiqued.In blushes, I love peaches and Breezy. In lipsticks,Ruby Woo,Girl about town and twig are my must haves..hope that helped..:)

  6. @Preetha: This is exactly what I was looking for dear. I am listing down the names. Thanks a ton!

  7. In MAC Lipsticks: Plumful, patieserrie and Ruby Woo
    blushes: gingerly and breezy
    eye pigments: teal,woodwinked, satin taupe,amber lights, deep truth, green and antique gold

  8. I want to try the Melon pigment! It's so pretty. :) I really want to get sample pigments too, I mean what the heck am I going to do with a huge jar of pigment anyway? The sample is more than enough!

  9. Not a fan of Mac pigments actually. I have two these were gifts. Vanilla pigment and another black one with glitter. Don't know the name. If you want to loose ur Mac virginity plz let it be a likstick, or blush or an eyeshadow . I find that their gel liners are overhyped. More power to maybelline gel liner.
    Here are my picks:
    Lipsticks: plumful, girl about town, ruby woo and freckle tone
    Blush: peaches ( Lowe it:) and pink swoon
    Eyeshadows, club( girl ur gotta buy this if u like green Eyeshadows which I know u do) it's a duo chrome and gives different effects when used as it is nd over black base. All that glitters, expensive pink, humid, Electra
    Skinfinishes: soft and gentle and by candlelight. I'm not too keen on their skin finushes though. They wear off and maximize pores.
    Hope this helps.

  10. MAC Humid is definitely a must buy. It is THE most gorgeous green color. If you dont buy any other eyeshadow shade do make it a point to get this. You wont regret it!

    In pigments, melon is a cult fav and somethin I have been meaning to get albeit sample size.

    In lipsticks it has to be Syrup and Viva Glam V. Beautiful pink daily wear shades.

    Happy MAC shopping! Girl its time to loose the MAC "virginity" ;D

  11. I saw that post of pooja and i requested her to get me that bronze pigment, I wanted that copper pigment too but I have faces sparkle dust in copper which is gr88, so wont need now, then am getting paint pot sample too like constructivist and fluidline sample too like dip down and macroviolet

  12. if u are into eye makeup then y don't u try some of these pigments- melon,grape,old gold,copper sparkle,mauvement,pink bronze,tan...i think dat's more than enough to start a mac pigment collection :-)u could also try their paintpots- indianwood, constructivist & painterly...their cream color bases are also worth a try-shell,hush....n if u r eyeing the lippies also i think plumful,craving,twig,fastplay,crosswires are worth checking out for a start....hope this helped :-)


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