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Maybelline Shinesensational Lipgloss in Berry Bella 40

It is no wonder that Maybelline is popular around the world. The affordable price and quality speaks for itself. Well, although I feel Maybelline in India could do much better, still it's ok.  The one I am going to review is Maybelline Shinesensational Lipgloss. This line had taken over the beauty lovers for quite sometime . So, I thought since I have it, why not give it a try?

Maybelline Shinesensational Lipgloss in Berry Bella 40

Sorry, the tube got some kind of dust on it. Don't know how.

I had suspected these to be of the same quality as the Fruit Jelly Glosses that are available here. But they are NOT the same. How?

What I felt:
The likes: This gloss is denser and gives a better finsih and definitely stays put for a longer time. Though this would not impart any color, it does add a very subtle tint and have very fine shimmers that are not visible unless you peep into them.
Even though I don't know how a guy's mind work ( except for mine), I'm pretty sure, they don't have magnified vision to see the shimmers. So, don't worry about the shimmers. They just add some radiance.
Like all Maybelline Glosses, it smells good and I quite like wearing this on top of my lipliner for the polished look as well as the color that would stay on for a long time.
It keeps my lips soft and stays on for a long time even with quick snacks. May be it's the texture that helps.

The dislikes: It does not impart any color to the lips.
                       It's quite pricey for a transparent lipgloss.

Maybelline Shinesensational Lipgloss in Berry Bella 40

Here is a swatch on my hand. In real life, it actually looks far more prettier.

Maybelline Shinesensational Lipgloss in Berry Bella 40

Price   Around $6 during sale I think.
Quantity:  11.3 ml

Do I recommend? At this price, there are better options. I even like the Maybelline liquid lipglosses better, the ones that come in tiny tubes.

I won't repurchase and neither do I have access to these anymore.


  1. These are 150 I guess, isnt it?

    1. Nopes. I mentioned. These are not available here in India which I have been talking about:)


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