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Snapdeal Experience

By Simi

Snapdeal Experience

The only thing I used to like buying from the internet was books, and Flipkart was my favorite for that. But since they closed down the COD facility in my area for some godforsaken reason, I’ve been trying to find other websites as well as other products. This post is about how Snapdeal served me!

First Look:
The website gives you zoom facility so that you can zoom on the product you want to choose and get an idea of the color. It also describes the product for you briefly, so a better description would be desirable for the help of the customers. Also, some products have their weight mentioned, and some don’t.
They have a huge product range!
I was looking for a good lipliner and my cousin referred this website to me. The options in price listing, brands, and specifications helped me to choose a Coloressence lipliner. I was glad to see they had the COD facility for my area, and the ordering procedure was easy too. After I placed the order, I received a text confirming the order and also a mail to the mail id I had provided.

This was the trouble. While websites like Flipkart and Healthkart delivered their orders within 5days of ordering, Snapdeal takes 7days to collect the product from their specific vendors and then deliver it within 5-6days. So the total procedure takes about 2weeks, which is a tad late compared to the other sites.
The photos show how the lipliner was packed. It was put in the box with a copy of the receipt, and wrapped with thin cellophane. I am not too impressed with the packing as when I had ordered from Healthkart, they had gifted a sachet of hair gel and a small tub of after-shave lotion with my order of Gatsby Hair Spray. Also Healthkart’s packing was more stable.

I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase Colorresence lipliner from a retail outlet, so I don’t know how it would have looked. But this one is pretty sleek. It has a hexagonal body and comes in twist-and-turn form, so I won’t have to sharpen it now and then.
The color that I had ordered was “Brown”, and the color that I received is a bit grayish brown and not the chocolate brown that I’d have preferred.
Discount!! :
The usual discount is of 10-11%. So, if it’s not a very rare product that you don’t get in your regular departmental store, or have to buy from the shopping mall where they hardly give you any discount, the 10% discount is not a very attractive one.
Reviewer’s View:
I hate cards – debit or credit – and so I stick to websites with the COD option. In that respect, I liked Snapdeal’s deal. The time taken is a bit too long, and you tend to lose patience when you have ordered something attractive or expensive. You need to be careful about the color of the product for the pictures don’t give a clear idea always. Also, the packing can be more sophisticated, or even careful. In the end, I’ll say that I think I’d give it another go!

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  1. wow..nice..I have never got anything thru snapdeal

  2. the prices at snapdeal are over rated! have found most of the stuff pricey there..so never actually got sumthin from dem.. nice review.. Nivedita :)

  3. i have bought from them many times and love their fast delivery and discounts. Even today i ordered something :)

  4. Try Infibeam....their prices are lower when compared to Flipkart. I had ordered a book from flipkart once and had chosen the COD option. They did not have it in stock then. When it came back in stock they cancelled my order and did not inform me at all. Turns out it was priced more than what I had ordered for. When I called them to ask about it they were all like Oh it was is not in stock and has been so long. I told em that I could see it in stock right now. They hemmed and hawed. I told em that they could have alteast asked me before cancelling my order. I was alright with paying the difference as I really wanted the book. It pissed me off and since then I order off Infibeam.

    1. ya infibeam is awesome.. i got my phone from them and imported chocolates :)


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