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Streetwear Nail Color in Barbie Pink

I would be a good girl and here goes another step to it. Hahaha.. yes, I at last managed to finsih up another of my nail polish. This one is from Streetwear.  Although I really like Streetwear's Colorriche nail polishes ( which had come out much later), I had this pre-historic ones with me which I had bought during a clearance I think. To be honest, I was not  impressed with Streetwear and I had bought this nail polish during that time
I won;t dig into the details, but would do a quick review

This is the shade and for the smugding, please don;t blame my three years old nail polish again . *wink*

The tale:
I had bought a couple of these for around 70 bucks each. This particular shade goes pretty sheer and what you see is a three coat of it.

I liked the fact that these were good quantity for the price and came up in a pretty selection of shades.
BUT, the color went over pretty sheer on my nails and they DO smell of formaldehyde! I hate the smell and I hate the fact that my nails somehow feels a it dry or is it me too jittery over the smell?
Besides, I detest this color. It looks baby pinkish in the bottle but looks white on my nails.
From my lab experience and etc, I fairly know the smell of formaldehydes and Streetwear Nail Polishes also smell of them which is the reason I never repurchased it.

The good news is that, I have finished up this bottle

I would neither repurchase, nor recommend this particular line.


  1. Beautiful color . . .Just the color I luv

    1. hihihih. I guess we have no other option. I like the color alright, but the smell.. :(

  2. Great photographs :) I've a bit of love/hate relationship with Streetwear Nail Colors.

    1. Me too. But I like the teeny ones more. I currently have their Bridal red which is just gorgeous!

  3. really nice...shade

  4. These were my favorite nails polishes once, when I had no finger nail ( It was a big time nail biter).. I used only 2 shades of nail polish for my toe nails - aqua marine and berry shine :)

    1. Hahaha! And now you are a nailpaint addict! hey, I think I have the berry shine. Have to check. Which ones are your current favorites?


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