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Things you may want to know but might have missed

There are some updates etc, on this space which you may want to know, but might have missed. the changes are apparently slight, but that does make a difference to me

Email subscription:  I have had the email subscription for quite sometime, but because of some errors etc, the posts were not delivered properly until now. Because I had to make some changes, I lost some of the subscriptions, rather I had to make some changes that disabled some subscribers from the list. No, the fault is not theirs. It was a technical error.
For those of you who are not online regularly, and yet don't want to miss my posts, you can subscribe to me via email. Your support through GFC is the biggest help. While you support me through that channel, in case you want to ensure everything, an email subscription won't do harm. Just remember to activate it from your inbox from the confirmation link you get in the first email

Guest Post: I have been around for sometime and I love what everyone says about beauty and cosmetics. I love fresh angles and different takes. I am taking in guest posts. If you are a new in this sphere, a blogger trying to showcase yourself or just wish to  channel the beauty monster in you, this might be the right place for you.
You can check the details from the page above or by clicking here.

CAUTION: Do not send copied posts or images as your own.

Networkedblogs: I am genuinely sorry about it. This problem had happened to me before where the images etc were not pulled nicely. Besides, it was linked to my personal fb account wall and people from my personal sphere, say my profs and teachers and guy friends, are not really into makeup. Since, it was making no point, I had to link it anew to my  new  and current facebook account. Hope you subscribe again and help me through it

Hope this helps



  1. Nivi, how a new account can be linked to current facebook account? do u opt for create a page or wat? any videos?


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