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Tips and Toes Definers

Tips and Toes De’finers
I’ll start with no witty introduction today, for every time I post after a long gap, I try to make up for the absence with humor and I’m sure that it won’t work anymore! So, diving straight into the puddle of Tips and Toes.

Well, this is going to be an angry and dissatisfied review. I used to love Tips and Toes nailpolishes, and so decided to try out their other products as well. Turns out that it was more the sales-lady than my better judgment that persuaded me into the bargain.

 These are pencil liners that come in twist-and-twirl form and in a number of colors, so that you can use them as both eye-liners and lip-liners. I bought one in Cobalt Blue and the other in Coffee Brown.
What was Promised:
Well, in this case, the promised land didn’t quite live up to the package. I was told it stays for a long time and doesn’t smudge. LIAR!!! It doesn’t stay for more than a couple of hours when worn even during the months of February-March in Kolkata. And it does smudge.
The Pigment:
The color is good. I use the Coffee Brown as lip-liner, but the Cobalt Blue is almost untouched as I can’t go on re-applying eye-liner in every 2 hours.

The Price:
They cost Rs.110 per piece when I bought them in January 2012.
Not in a million years. I would rather invest in any other company’s products than Tips and Toes.
So, that was my angry review. And here is a digressed question. Isn’t it funny how this sales-lady tries to convince everybody that Tips and Toes’ products are at par with any other company like Maybelline or Lakme or even MAC? Talk about re-defining the boundaries!

Simi, our dear old friend is not unfamiliar to most of you. So, I'm not going all over again to introduce her. For ladies, whose soul craves for something more than mere makeups and fashion ( I am not talking about chocolate silly!), you can check out her blog Dare to Dream which explores the inner world of a woman .


  1. uff It didn't work :(
    I wonder why companies do that..

  2. bad it didn't work out well :(

  3. Aww sad :( The colors look gorgeous though :o
    PS: I have been following you from a long time, but never commented :P *Don't know why, don't ask :D Was happy stalking you from dashboard ;)*
    But well, just wanted to let you know that you 've a lovely blog up here :) I love the way you write, and make sure not to miss any post :)
    I remember reading in one of your posts where your dad bought you a beauty product cuz you were on self imposed ban from shopping :P I should have commented there, well let me tell here, 'THAT IS SOOOO CUTE!!!' :) :) :D
    PPS: I love your blog again :)
    Namita <3

  4. @LIAF: Hey, thank you for the kind words dear. But this post was written by our friend Simantini who is also an old timer here.
    Yeah, my dad tends to be too sweet at times. :D
    You must drop by and comment every now and then. Your comments actually make my day!

  5. Dear Nivedita,
    Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you with Tips & Toes. We constantly aim at maintaining a credible delivery of our products. Unfortunately our Beauty Advisor ( sales girl) must have been newly appointed and hence the miscommunication of the product information. We do not intend to make any false claims or promotion.

    The definers have a smooth application as they are moisturize base and hence tend to fade. We take each of our customers/bloggers view point personally while working towards developing a impeccable relationship.

    Once again your grievance will not go unnoticed and we take it as an opportunity to serve you better in future.


    1. Thank you for taking the note. The post was written by our friend Simantini. On my part, i am glad that Tips N Toes took this seriously because, I personally would love it if Indian brands like yours could provide quality products at great price while working closely with their customers.

      Thank you on my part for caring to comment.


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