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Vedic Line Heel cream

How many of you suffer from rough feet and cracked heels? Rough heels and calloused feet seems to be a perennial problem for some. Luckily, I do not suffer from cracked heels even in winter. An occasional gentle scrub and cold cream does the job. But the difficulty arises with shoes. Shoes sometimes do give me hard skin that I have to take care of. besides, sometimes, the skin on my foot tends to look very dull and dry.

Since I am not the best person to try out some products, these days my sister has joined my 'GUINEA PIG CLUB'. Since she does have cracked heels, I gave her a pedi and at the end, she massaged in a generous amount of the Vedic Line Heel Cream. Within two days, she declared this one to be one of her best foot creams.

I have reviewed Vedic line Papaya Face pack here before. So far, I think, they are true to their claim of 'naturalness'. The cream smells of umm.. clove and neem and is very creamy and moisturizing in nature. It's neither too thick nor runny. I think it makes a good foot cream, but if it has to stay put on the heels, it should have been a bit more thick.

I was not too fond of the smell and I cannot put my finger on the exact reason. Still, it's not disagreeable enough to put me off.

The tub is big enough to last your for quite some time, but I would not say it's the best option if you are traveling.

Summing up into likes and dislikes:
  • Effective. it does soften hard skin and takes care of cracked heels, but do not expect it to act like TV ads, i.e. you run it across and the cracks are gone.
  • Used as a footcream, on the entire foot, the skin does look less dry and healthier and brighter.
  • Priced decently at for 65 ml.
  • The quantity is good.
  • it is natural.

Dislikes: You cannot walk into a regular store and purchase this. You have to order this online through sites like urbantouch, stylecraze, healthkart, etc.

Take a look into the ingredient list if you like.

Do I recommend? if you are perennially suffering from dry and parched feet, rough heels, and other foot ailments, you should give this a try.

Shall I repurchase? Yes. I would. Since in summers, I wear open shoes and sandals, I need more maintenance because the dust and dirt tend to make my foot-skin dry.

What about you? Yay or nay?

The product was sent to me by the brand. But my review is honest.


  1. hmmm.. on my wish list now..

  2. sounds to be a good product.. i too get rough skin because of slip-ons.. shall give this to my mom though... she has bad cracked heels :(

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