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Vedic Line Papaya Face Pack

Vedic Line Papaya Face Pack 
It looks like this is the year of face packs for me. Apart from my Himalaya and other face packs, I am also trying out plenty of other facepacks as well and Vedic Line Payaya Blemish Face Pack is one of them. I had expressed my pleasure at the way Indian companies are bringing out herbal skincare products which are indeed made of herbs and not those herbal products which contain on a fraction of ingredient obtained from nature and processed through one thousand steps. This one proved to be indeed made of herbal ingredients

This pack is supposed to take care of blemish and thus promote fairness.
It costs around 175 INR for 100 ml which is a reasonable amount for the price paid..

My experience:
Coming to the back to the pack, it doesn't smell too good because I don't like the smell of papaya. it does smell of it and is neither creamy nor runny in texture. It's almost like a paste of squashed pulpy vegetable .

I had used it for quite sometime and it does leave my face very clean and bright ( although I did not see anything too significant on my extremely blemished skin). Still, I liked the brightening effect.. Incorporated in regular skin care routine, this does remove tan gently and makes the skin supple.

My Likes:

  1. Not very expensive
  2. Indeed herbal
  3. Makes the skin bright and soft.
  4. removed tan
  5. Gentle on the skin
  6. Gently exfoliates my skin. No, it does not contain any scrub granules, but the texture does a good job for me sensitive skin without aggravating my acne
  7. I like the packing.
  8. You don't have to wait until completely dry. It should be washed off before it's try. Saves my time that way

  1. The strong smell
  2. Availability. It's not available everywhere. You can find these at urbantouch.com, Healthkart.com and elsewhere.
I am happy with this facepack and would like to buy it again.I am happy that it exfoliates my skin without irritating it ( since this is not a scrub) and leaves it soft and supple.)

What about you? Try of miss? Which is you favourite pack this summer?

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  3. looks like a nice product . .papaya enzymes are very good antioxidants too !!! Although keep a little precaution in sun next to the day when you apply it . .coz papaya has AHAs too !!! make skin little sensitive to sun !!

  4. Hi Rashmi Thank you for the piece of information. I had heard papaya is good for skin, but did not know about the sensitive part of it. Thank you so much for the information. Shall update it soon :)

  5. Hi Nivedita.. it seems a nice product and i want to try it now..:)


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