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What keeps me going...

Today was a crazy day which would have otherwise ended too badly. But well, in spite of the filthier side of blogging, there is a better side. You get to know some real good people who can turn up to be real good friends when you never expected them to be. And that friendship is not confined to the virtual world of internet.

Perhaps, in spite of everything, this is what keeps me motivated to blog. Since there were some personal stuff related here, I cannot discuss, but I hope a blogger friend of mine reads this and knows that I am thankful to her in more ways than ever.


  1. awwww best of luck nivedita! blog blog blog...coz thr r people who want to read u :) *tight hugs*

    1. You just make this space so full of positivity! hugs!

  2. We all appreciate the hard work you put in your blog. You make it easy for us to decide which beauty products to buy and which not to. Please keep blogging :)

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  4. Keep writing. I enjoy your blog like many others. If you know something is filth, try and ignore...like one ignores the garbage heap on the road. :)

  5. If there's filth, it means you're doing something right, Nivedita. Best to ignore it & yes, do what you're here to do- blog :)


  6. Aww..Nivi..Jus continue wid ur work babe..u r doin an amazing job here..my support wil always b wid u..:)

  7. Sweet!!!

    Really you're right.. there is a good side to it but there is a bad side too.. and i have seen it and am really shocked.. sometimes you think why do i do this.. but ofcourse you can never stop :P Enjoy blogging! And hope to get to know you better. I enjoy reading your reviews :)

  8. We bengali ladies are a tough lot Nivedita...and if life hands us lemons, lets make tequila out of it!..ignore the filth and continue doing what you do best..Love your work :)


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