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While Catwalk didn't make it a cakewalk, Inch 5 did walk taller

I usually never write this kind of posts although I might have mentioned things in passing.Yesterday, after a hectic day, I bought a pair of shoes which I was in search of. I needed a pair of sandals, the heeled ones . I wanted something that would have heels, lacy patterns or fine straps and would be heavy duty because I walk a lot. Since Bata( which I always wear) did not have anything of that sort right now, I went to South City Mall to check upon the Catwalk store.
Now, here goes my experience: There were two SAs and nobody else in the store. They saw me walking in and did not even care to budge. That's still ok. I asked for assistance from one of the SAs and he very languidly ( read trying show that he is not willing to) came up. I asked what could be my possible size, I want to check up and then make my selection. He just took a pair from the rack ( never even caring to bother if I wanted) and asked me to try. I felt it was slightly bigger but wasn't sure. I asked again if this was right or if I needed a size less. he said ' if you don't like it go for a size lesser or whatever..'. I said I did not like this pair. he just turned his back.

Then walked it a couple of Chinese girls. They were also looking for shoes while going back home. One of the girls asked for a size 9 shoe of a blingy pair. The SA, still on the other corner of the store, said it was on the rack. She tried it on and it was a bit bog for her too. She asked for a size lesser. A peeved SA very roughly replied right in these words, ' You only asked for 9ma'am and now you're asking for 8!' See it for yourself'. The girls were pretty taken aback and one of them clearly irritated said ' the size often depends on the shoe style. Isn't it?'?
The reaction of the SA was 'whatever!' and they started talking amongst themselves again. I got pretty irritated too and just left the store. No wonder I never see a single customer there.

Inch 5 Store:
Disgruntled, I came out and Inch 5 was right there. When I walked in, a nice SA  came up and helped me choose. I gave him the description of what exactly I had on my mind and he himself assisted and brought out a pair. He was so polite and so cooperative. In fact he made me sit and put the shoes on me ( now that was too much. I felt a bit embarrassed. While I like being treated decently, it was just too decent. LOL).
I was in a dilemma about which one to take as I wanted a single pair. He let me walk around, check upon until I was pretty comfortable and pretty sure about them. In fact, I never expected the SAs there to be so friendly!

I have never tried  Inch 5 before. So, I don't know with my amount of brisk walking, how long they would last. But what I am pretty sure about is that I would walk into the store again and recommend anybody who wants Inch5 shoes. I just loved the store. It had this whole positive verve about it.

While I don't want to make my blog a weapon of choice against brands or a store or SAs. As a blogger, who has been giving you information and as a consumer who just wishes to get what she pays for, I thought, this might be useful to you.



  1. i feel the same Nivedita! Catwalk salesmen are quite blah while I really like Inc 5's service... and their shoes are also better btw ;)

    btw a nice pair you got yourself :)

  2. I have neither tried catwalk nor inc5..readin ur experienc am going straught to inc5 next time..thanku Nivi

  3. Pretty pair! I do agree abt Catwalk service being sloppy, but the shoes are nice and last long with my rough wear, so I do end up buying more from catwalk, check out their kiosk at shoppers stop or lifestyle you might get better service there

  4. Good review. It's always good to know from experiences, I don't think I would go to Catwalk if the sales person would behave that way. there are so many competitors in the shoe market anyway.

  5. i have two pairs from INC 5 and they are my fav of the entire collection !!! Although the tip of stilleto broke a couple of times. . .INC 5 has excellent customer sevice of repair and replace . . .

  6. the same thing happend to me at catwalk in mumbai ... i like inc 5 collection too ... i hv got 5 pair of shoes frm that brand ... :)

  7. I got myself Catwalk 2yrs back and the SA just din't seem very interested :(
    but I like their shoes!


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