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Calling all the Owls and the Pandas: Himalaya Undereye Cream

 Himalaya Under eye Cream review, photos

An under eye cream that works? Is that possible? hell yeah!
Most of colored women suffer from this woe called dark circles and uneven pigmentation. I hear Indian women are more prone to this and more often we develop that genetically.
If your dark circles are not the broken capillaries, sometimes under eye creams do help. But effective under eye creams are difficult to come by. The Himalaya Under eye Cream was a total surprise! I had looked high and low and trust me, for an owl like me, to help me with dark circles is a  tough job!
So, here is one product I am in love with-- The Himalaya Under eye cream

Himalaya Undereye Cream

It's amazing when the tough ones fall and a little guy like this prevail.

My  observations: The tube is quite nice and the pointed nozzle makes it a good one to apply in dots in the under eye area. Neither would you end up wasting the precious product.
It's a beige colored lotion like cream which does not have any kind of pigments. So, if you are fooled by the color, let me tell you it would not double up as your under eye concealer. Once blended, it gives a nice relaxing feel to the area.

Although the direction says that it should be used twice a day, I manage to use it only one at night ( yet irregularly). After about 7 days , the results started showing up. My under eye circles lightened considerably.
I am happy with that because, since I stay up almost all night and suffer from rhitinis etc, my immunity level is pretty low. All these, life style, physical constitution etc, culminate to show up underneath my eyes.

Himalaya Under eye Cream
Yes! I look like those beautiful damned called vampires!! Any Gothic fans here?

To sum up

  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Available every where ( almost)
  3. EFFECTIVE!!!! It's one of those rarest undereye products that actually works!
  4. Nozzle and tube packing. So, no wastage.

  1. Umm... can I ask for a little more product in the tube? Or a bigger size?

150 INR for 15 ml, it's a steal given that it does work!

So, calling all the owls and the pandas! I do recommend this product to you


  1. I don't have undereye problems but you had me at pandas! ♥ LOL!

  2. completely agree with you, me too using it since last 10 days. Thanks for the detailed review

  3. i am going to buy this right away :)

  4. hey thnx for the review...even I was looking for an under eye cream...bTW i have ordered biotque under eye cream...lets see..will it work for me or not

    1. Smitha, if you are really looking for an effective one, you could try this. I had shared my review of Biotique one in this space in case you wanna take a look

      ( In case you need this warning :P )

  5. i dnt have panda circles but love to use it!

    1. I would say that's wise because it's good to take care of the delicate area :)

  6. do u think it l work for puffy eyes?

    1. Phil, I do not have puffy eyes, so I cannot really comment on that. But for 150 INR, IMO it won't be too much of a loss if it does not.
      My sis often uses the Garnier anti puffiness roll on, the one that comes in a green tube and I'm not sure if that's available here. it does work wonders on it.

  7. i use this and how, in fact whenever i get feel my eyes feeling stretchy, i just apply this cream on my eyes, at my desk. ofcourse ppl stare like yeh toh pagal hai. but it is soo soothing and cooling. and best thing is if it even enters ur eye it doesnt sting.

    1. Exactly! Eve on days when I don't have dark circles, I prefer using it for the soothing effect it leaves under my eyes. Plus there's another point, even if it does get into the eyes, it doesn't blur my already blurry vision.
      But putting it in the office, hihihihi, sorry, couldn't help smiling :P

  8. oh it works ! good to know of a rare working under eye product ...shall buy it next! I do not have dark circles etc, I use them as a preventive :)

  9. wowie... gonna try this... no product seems to work for me.. and this review came in the right time :)

  10. nice, i have been looking for a nice eye cream..would surely try it now..i have the same issue of dark circles!!


  11. Hi Dear, good review :)

    can this be used on the eye lid also, when used undereye????


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