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Does your best friend let you do this?...... ELF Cosmetics 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection Palette

ELF Cosmetics 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection Palette, review, swtaches, photos

What happens when you receive a beautiful makeup set you had always wanted? What happens when you receive it as a gift? You fall in love with it, you hug it, you touch the shades with gentle loving care and next... do you do this? You give it to your best friend to use it so that she can feature it on her blog? NEVER!!!

Well, my best friend DOES THAT!! Thanks to Asmita, my childhood friend who equally got affected with my love for makeups. When she received this huge beauty book as a gift, she tried on a few of the shades and next she straight brought it at my place and left it here for almost a month for me to use and shoot and review it. Had it been me, trust me, I wouldn't even dream of parting with it for even an hour. But she did!!

By now if you are wishing that you could share my best friend, forget it, I won't ;) I'm serious. We have been friends since 4!!!

So, here it is  ELF Cosmetics 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection Palette

let's dive in because this boy is big!!!

My description: It's a big box which is quite heavy becasue it has so much of products inside! When closed, it looks pretty intriguing with square see through little windows.  On opening the lid you would be dazzled by the 62 shades of eye shadows!!! No kidding!!
The while kit slides out twice and has 3 layers

 Second Layer: The eye shadows slide out from the middle to reveal another layer which consists of 4 blushes on the left and 8 lipsticks on the right.

Third layer:
This would slide out again and reveal 4 pressed powders for contour, high-light etc. It also has one eyeshadow brush, a lip brush and a blush/contour brush.

The eyeshadows: They are so lovely! The palette has almost every shade I can think of!! And also I cannot think of!! Hahahah.
They are good quality for the price. I would definitely not compare with MAC or not completely with even NYX, but they are a great bargain! The dark colors are very very pigmented although the lighter ones are not . It would rather be fair to say, while most shades are very pigmented, some are not very impressive, esp of the lighter kind.
They are powdery and does have fall out.
BUT for the price and the number of shades and decent pigmentation, I am not complaning. I rather fell in love with them.

The swatches.

Left Row: Left to Right:

1st row: Least pigmented of all. The lighter shades almost look the same on our colored skin tone.

2nd Row: Pretty good. I love the last two shades in particular which means the first two shades from the left.

3rd Row: It has a beautiful golden color

4th Row: the cooler shades begin:

The four Rows on the Right:

From Right to left:

1st Row: The blacks and greays of different finishes. It has glittery black, matte, deep charcoal and what not! They are quite pigmented.

2nd Row:

3rd Row: In love with this row


Now, the blushes:

Like the eyeshadows are pigmented enough to show up on the skin, quite blendable. But they are very powdery and do have fall outs.

The lipsticks: They are just useless. Hard and lacking in pigmentation of anykind, I wonder what they are doing. We started using it up as a base for the shadows to stick to and that way they are not bad.
To swatch them, I had to almost scrape them , yet with little effect

The contouring and highlighting powders: They are powdery and do have fall outs too. But they are pretty impressive. Contouring is breeze with these. You can see how pigmented these are

The brushes:  You cannot expect Sigma brushes to be included in the kit. At first both of us thought that we would be chucking them off. But the eye brush was pretty soft and did a good job for the crease and with little extra effort, also did a good job for the lids the lip brush is good, but since the lipsticks are ineffective and hard, it made little impact.

The blush brush is amazing!! No, not for blushes, but for contouring. It is really dense, neither too big nor too small and does a perfect job to reach the curves of the facial structure and helps contouring.

Price: $35 or about 1900 INR which I would say is very reasonable.

Verdict: Since my encounter with this palette, I am thinking of having a small eye shadow palette rbought down through a friend. I am really impressed because of the price.

Phew!!!!! That's that. 'Betcha don't have a friend like mine!!!!'


  1. amazing palatte.. and the contouring shades too..:)

    1. Yes. I think they are the best part of this palette

  2. Looks awesome! Great for beauty beginners who would want to play with tons of colors! You've got an awesome Best friend :D

    1. True! I couldn't think of a shade it did not have

  3. the shades are amazing and so many neutrals! totally rocking palette!

    1. Thank you. They are even better in real life

  4. whoops! thats one hell of a palette.. :P

  5. I've always wondered how these were!! good review!!

    1. Glad to be of help dear. :) Thank you


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