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If products could scare, Himalaya Almond & Cumumber peel off mask gave me nightmares

Yes, you read it right. This post is all about bashing the Almond and Cucumber face pack. Once upon a time, when I could not find my Everyuth Orange-gold Peel off pack, I saw this one on a shelf. Since I usually love Himalaya face packs, I got hold of this one. But then, my worst nightmare came true.

My experience and what I hate about it? 
The first time I put it on, it seemed nice at first. The smell has a slight tang to it which i liked and the light moss-green pack went over nicely. But it reminded me of fevicol anyways.
It took a long time to dry up, still ok, but when I tried peeling it OOOUUCHHH!!!!
It just stuck to my skin stubbornly and when I tried fighting, it actually hurt me. removal was such a pain and till date I have used it thrice I think . Every time I thought it would be better and every time I regretted it. I tried putting on a thin layer, a thick layer, a medium layer or whatever you call but it simply would NOT do! If you are masochistic and love torturing yourself, please go ahead, but don't tell me I didn't warn you.!!!

But a gleam of silver lining? yes, it's not actually a silver lining in the dark clouds, but only an almost promise, try this was a nose strip if you have oily skin. Like, layer it only on the nose if you have got black heads or dry white heads on your oily nose and it cleans them off very nicely. In  word, you can use this as a replacement for nose strips since those are hard to find here in India.

Priced ( when I purchased) around 100 INR, I am not going to be anywhere near it and I'm pretty sure I would even avoid the shelves where these are stored.
If you still are curious go ahead, here is the ingredient list and other literature.

For my part, I am done with and this one contended with my Ayur Lemon Honey gel wash and no doubt it knocked that one out!!!

What do you think of this post?


  1. OMG thats scary Nivedita ;)

  2. Ouch!! Damn Good review..i'll stay away from this now!!

  3. Lol! i am so going to get it for my nose now. :P
    I usually dont like peel of masks. I hated everyouth orange one but Avon te tree mask is very mild in comparision to that so i use that once in a while. And i love fevicol too. :P

  4. well written nivs..!

  5. u scared hell out of me wid such a freaky peel off mask

  6. You sound so pissed :P LOL! :P I am not gonna be in its surroundings :D Sensitive skin + this freaky thing = No no no no no no :D
    Thank you so much for the honest review :)
    Namita <3

  7. omg !!!!! scaryyyyyy

  8. omg !!!!! scaryyyyyy


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