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My Daily Haircare routine

Last time I came up with my current skincare routine, some of you asked for my haircare as well, esp since I had the dandruff issue triggered by some allergic reaction.
Now, here it is. It consists of almost some bare essentials like cleansing, conditioning, leave-in etc. Let's begin.

Issue: Seborrhic dermatitis
Manifested by: Itchy, oily scalp, excessive dandruff which do not fall round every where, but sticks to the scalp. This again, leads to hair fall.

The modus operendi of the battle:

Keep your hair clean; Keep your scalp cleaner!!

Shampoo and conditioner: I am currently using my regular Sunsilk thick and long shampoo which I had already raved before. I follow up with a conditioner from the same brand ( currently the damaged hair reconstruction which I am not too happy with). I try to avoid the conditioner on the scalp so that it does not make the scalp oily.

Post hair-wash: I follow up with a leave in conditioner called the Cotton Seed Curl Boosting conditioner from The Body Shop. I won't say it is as good as Matrix Biolage Hair Serum, but since it protects the hair from heat and is meant for wavy/curly hair AND does not weigh down my hair, I am religiously using it up

Drying: I tend to catch cold, so not using a blow-dryer is not an option. I have been using it for the last umm... 10 years and I would not say my hair is in that bad shape as you might have expected. You can read my detailed article on that here.

Weekly: Since I am undergoing treatment, I use a medicated shampoo twice a week. it keeps my hair clean of dandruff. But does dry out my hair. So, there's something again I do.

Weekly treat: Deep condition:  Sometimes I  use Dove hair mask for a deep conditioning which leaves my hair healthy. But I am guilty of not doing that religiously.
Oh, I also do sometimes use my Himalaya herbals Antidandruff Hair Cream that really soothes my scal and keeps the dreaded flakes at bay for quite sometime.

Comb them smooth: I feel my wet hair is more prone to mechanical damage. Again, detangling completely dry hair can be bothersome and I like it better when my comb goes in smoothly. So, I detangle my hair with a wide-toothed comb and when its dry, I use a good hair comb to get it right.

Plans: I have been using the Sunsilk Shampoo for a long time now ( more than a year). Recently I am feeling there is some kind of buildup and it's not as effective as it used to be. I am thinking of trying my Himalaya Herbals Shampoos again

That's all folks. I am not able to include the photos of my hair
Reason 1: I am feeling too lazy to shoot because I have to get my tripod etc.
Reason 2: I am in a bad hair-cut phase. LOL yet not funny :D

PS: Do you have anything here in common? How do you manage your dandruff issue?


  1. Hi nice post Niveditha :)TBS leave-in sounds interesting!! I had never seen it in TBS shop before, next time will inquire :)

    1. Even the SAs have no clue about this one. I spotted it online and just grabbed it from the store. LOL

  2. im battling harifall as well as dandruff for a long time..i hav bn using lots of haircare products lately and ur post idea is pretty good..i might borrow ur idea and post abt my haricare routine too.. :)

    1. :) If the problem had been a persistent one, IMO you better see a doctor

  3. i have never seen the leave-in conditioner in tbs! i dont use a conditioner cos it weighs down my fine hair! will try the matrix serum now!

    1. :) Trust me, this one doesn;t weight down my hair as well, which is also the reason why I am loving it

  4. i m also goin thru a very bad hairfall phase.. no product seems to work on it...

    i too have both the combs that u hv clicked.. u know what i have tat one in the same purple as urs ;p

    1. Hahaha! same pinch!! Monsoon is really bad for hair. But then, we keep complaning in all seasons all the same

  5. Hey gals, Dandruff being my worst enemy since a long time, i have tried almost all the OTC products but in vain. Recently started using apple cider vinegar as a last rinse for my hair & voila.... No Dandruff :)& shiny soft hair :) :) :)

    But yeah, dont forget to dilute ACV(Apple cider vinegar)Approx 4-5 tea spoons in a mug of water.

    P.S Dont let the ACV get into your eyes, it burns...

    Happy Hair everybody...!!!!!


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