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My skin.. the perpetual problem...

A month back, I had mentioned that I was undergoing some kind of skin treatment. Some of you wanted to what it was. Today, I would talk about it.
For some days, I had been having dandruff. Those were not like the big flakes that you see, but very fine that sticks to the scalp. I cleaned my hair almost every two days and the dandruff came back to do the mischief again.

In the mean time, a few acne had turned septic. Blame it on my nails. Whenever I keep my nails long, actually I am tired of clipping them every week since my nails grow pretty fast, I would accidentally scratch an acne which would leave ugly mark and take a lot of time to heal.
This is, added to that, I had a kind of eye infection. I did not know what it is, the skin near my lash line looked like it had blisters . It itched badly and my lashes started falling off.

Initially I thought it might be from my tons of eyeliners. In fact scared of infection, I threw away all the liners I had used before one week of the onset. I stopped using makeups altogether, but that didn't improve.

Anyway, I went to see my dermatologist. He took a close look a my lashes and then right away, started checking my scalp instead. I was pretty surprised. Then he showed me with his whatever-the-intrument-is-called, which showed white ugly patched on my scalp. No, those were not real patches, but magnified images of dandruff.
Diagnosis: Since I am allergy prone, something had given me a bad allergic reaction which caused dandruff. The dandruff, fine and almost invisible to my eyes, starts falling on my fore head and cheeks blocking pores and causing acne. This time, the dandruff fell on my lashes and it gave blepheritis. 

Case history: As a kid, I had suffered from blepheritis before. But the manifestation was different then. This time, it has come back differently.

I do suffer from dandruff at times.

Solution: For my acne I am using Retino A 0.025% ( mildest), a corticoid ( steroid) eye cream, and a hair solution shampoo twice a week. And an antibiotic cream on the infections.
I would not mention the generic names or anything of the medicines, since I do not like anybody to (mis)use them.
My eyes are cured ( thankfully) and my acne seems to be in check. I would be going for a check up soon again.

Wondering how I am combating the 'Retino A effect'?
Stay tuned for my skin care post.

PS: This post would not save you your doctor's visit. For any kind of skin issues or anything, PLEASE see a doctor and never self medicate.


  1. ohh dear Lord...i hope things gets better soon...and u get ur sparking face back....after coming here even my skin is not making his mind properly....

    1. hhaha. it's 95% cured now. Thanks for the wishes.
      yes, this Kolkata weather is so weird and it gives dandruff! Even my friends who shifted base, whenever they come back, keeps complaining of dandruff and acne etc :(

  2. what is the corticosteroid cream he has advised for your blepharitis?

    1. Have to check dear. It's already cured as soon as the dandruff was gone

  3. take care and for god's sake stop using makeup for the time being.. :(

    1. hahahaha! It's cured now dear! Don't worry :)

  4. Ohhh! That sounds quite nasty.. I can empathize coz I too had a nasty viral skin infection last year that gave me pimple like boils on my face. The medicines prescribed totally screwed up my skin by making it so dry & rough. But regular care has helped me quite a lot! Take care dear & sanitize all your makeup.

    1. yes tanz, I remember that one and it scared me as well! With simultaneous skincare, my skin feels great now!
      Only a couple of more zits to be cured. The underlying acne in the skin surface as vanished as well. Touchwood

  5. Oh I am on the same treatment for acne! :) Tretinoin but a different concentration! It totally works, be patient and give time :) Always use moisturizer and a sunscreen and protect yourself from harsh sun rays. The medication makes skin VERY photosensitive and easily gets sun burnt :( I am on my 5th week of medication and I am not getting any more acne :) *touchwood* Dealing with scars now! :) Staying away from make up will fasten the healing :)
    Hope it helped! :)
    *Sorry about the loooong comment :D*
    Namita <3

    1. Same here! But I have been taking care very well and things seem to be under control so far. The initial peeling etc has also subsided, don;t know if I should attribute it to my present skincare routine which have gone a drastic change . in fact my skin feels much better than before.
      Me too, delin =g with blemishes and scars.
      Don;t worry about the length. I love reading comments and inputs.
      thanks you for the warnings

    2. Had you tried Benzoyl peroxide as an acne treatment? This acne is really affecting my self esteem.


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