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Independence Day....chitchat

In case you are wondering, no this is not a regular post related to makeup. This is about the chit chat part of makeup and chit chat. You can dub this as one of my cynical posts. But there's something I could not get out of my mind and so, finally decided to come off with it.
A few days back, a pizza company mailed me some coupons ( which don't work in case you are wondering). The slogan was something like : Be independent this Independence Day with .... pizza!

I felt a punch in my face. Rather it came as a shock. 65 years ago,  India had gone though a lot. In those decades, people died, people suffered. remember the freedom fighters brothers who spent 29 years in prison? Do you think of those who sacrificed their their lives for Independence? Alright, let's not talk about the freedom fighters alone. What about the lives of regular common mass? The Independence also brought partitions. The unstable situation changed lives of people in more ways than we think about. People lost home, India saw communal riots the violence ... let's not visualize. It gives me nightmares already even though I have not ( luckily) witnessed. To many families, it dealt a deadly blow from which, even after 65 years, they have not been able to stand up again.

I admit, I am leaving out the politicians who are perhaps the main culprits for the situation we live in. But what about us? Women's independence has always been a farce. Our 'tradition' which worships women as deities, never flinches from comitting the most horrendous crimes . Does it give shivers down your spine?   We are doing Independence Day manicures, Independence day eye makeups ( no offense ladies, I am not really poking fun or insinuating anything), but how do we really show respect to those selfless people we call 'freedom fighters' and put up a big show only once a year ?

How are we supposed to react to those who dare to commercialize our precious Independence? Things get on my nerves when I come cross 'Independence Day sale'.. or is it really something selleable now? How can those companies ask us to celebrate the day with their commerce? Did people die so that we could sit in an independent India, live in a bovine happiness and eat pizza?

I know I might sound hyper, I might be over reacting, but every day, when I open the newspaper, everything of the content starting from the news to the adverts, kind of give me a nausea. And this particular incident-- I could not help reacting to.

Happy Independence Day.. ...

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  1. ok, honestly, Nivs, yes, its a bit of an over-reaction when you talk about sales and all and I don't mean to criticize...I am being objective completely. the whole idea of sales on independence day and all came from US, I guess coz they really appreciate their 4th july. you are mixing your emotions and their business strategies.
    yes, when you talk about the disruption of lives, yes, it was something which we can't even begin to imagine. we do live in a very enclosed space where we are over-protected and we hardly have seen different strata of lives and how people actually break their bodies to meet the ends of a day. yes, the heinous crimes against women which suddenly have risen so much that its sickening, whether its in the name of moralizing or any other social issue. yes, we are a long way from being culturally independent and emboldened and probably that will take hundred years more.
    addressing your issue of saying what we bloggers are actually doing, we can write just as you wrote!! but, the hugest issue I feel is that blogging as a medium is extremely limited and doesn't even reach the community we really want to address. but, lets not deter from writing coz of that issue coz we never know what miracle might happen when.

    AND, yes, we need to become more responsible!!

    1. Swati, I actually did accept I might have been over-reacting, but since blogging is about expressing oneself, I decided to come up with my own reactions.
      As for commercializations, I have no issues against companies offering discounts etc as business strategies, but I have issues against those which claims that you can become independent by purchasing their products.
      As for the comparison with the US, as far as my knowledge goes, I never saw any US brand actually declaring that one can become independent only if one gets them profit by consuming their products and this is where my objection generates from, if you get my point. They only make the day an occasion to generate some amount of sell.

      At last, I did not intend to attack the blogoshpehere. Here the 'we' means any common man who is a part of the Indian community. My point is, where we(am addmi) dress up and do things to celebrate, how much do we actually think of the real meaning of independence.

      I think the situation is really that bleak and the kind of slogan.. I really don't know how NOT to over react

    2. i think you really took me to be aggressive :D nah...btw,I don't know if any US brands has come up with that independent slogan thingy which i think was unthoughtful of them....they just wanted to put up some slogan so they used the most obvious one. I meant the sales stuff for independence day.
      also, as you said "we" I did take it as the blogging community implicitly. well, yes, actually, one should think from common man perspective too. and, no, I am not saying that you attacked blogosphere when you mentioned all possible disclaimers. I just meant that we should write about these things coz I have seen many educated people make the same mistakes when coming to social crimes.
      and, honestly, i don't think you did anything wrong by expressing yourself. in fact, i always think that why don't we all celebrate independence day like its done in countries like US and all...they cherish the day and we treat it as a holiday!!! and, yes, we do miss out the essence of the day when we do everything else.

  2. yesterday I was helping my aunt with her Independence day celebration event at her school. My part was to collect the songs (oldies) and do a mix with the latest versions (which btw I didnt get many!!) One thing I noticed in all those old songs was the love and respect they had towards our country. Its just that, nothing about religion, God or the People! It was all about the love for "OUR COUNTRY" and they in fact had a song dedicated for our Flag! But now, do we even care anything about our country? Flag hoisting, how many of us even care about it? (except when we were in school and it was mandate) Isnt it my pride to be part of that event and how many of us really would want to be part of it? We Skip attending celebrations, we say we have "other important work" to do, but seriously isnt this part of our work too? like our responsibility!

    When I was in US for couple of years, every 4th of July we (the Indian community) used to gather at the downtown to see their Independence day celebrations, They have huge wire works and after that they hug and wish each other "happy 4th of July" They do get their holidays to celebrate just like us. BUT the difference is they make sure they attend the celebrations and pass the importance to their next generation! We instead sit at home, browse the channels, eat, shop (with dicounts and sale) and sleep!

    I guess somewhere down the line the idea of loving the country and people than loving anything else had lost its importance and core value and I guess its every individual's responsibility to pass on the importance of our independence to the next generation!

    Also I got an email few months back stating that we should buy "Made in India" products, that email was originally intended for improving the country' economy and honestly I saw the list, I didnt get attracted (note the word) to any of the product that stated "Made in India" so I forwarded it to few of my friends and shift+deleted it. Shame on me! I agree and I am sure others would have done the same!!

    Even I got the same Pizza email and now at this very moment I feel ashamed of myself. Its we who ignore our brands and give preference to other Foreign stuff and we cannot blame them for it, because they are just taking advantage of our stupidity and ignorance!!

    I thought to myself, Can I ever say no to a foreign brand over an Indian brand? if I can, then I know I can make a difference. If I cannot do it myself I can never advise anybody for that matter :)

    If I really worry about all this, I should change first :) else I should stop worrying and join the 1.22 billion, eat, shop, watch star movies and sleep this independence day!

    1. yes, Rekha, even I agree with buying things made in india!! but, you are also right that even I didn't get attracted to any of the products :D :D
      but, now, I do try to buy the things made in India and reduce spending rupees in dollars!!!
      its really difficult to select indian products over international brands but at least cosmetics, I am really grateful that more and more good Indian brands are coming up!!!

    2. I agree with you Rekha. Even I feel we should support more and more Indian brands. But the problem is, with the quality control departments sleeping here in India. sometimes, the unscrupulous brands do sell products which might even be harmful.
      But luckily as Swati pointed out, there are a few brands which are coming up with great quality products which I feel might be even better suited with people of our ethnic origin.
      Even I love wearing Khadi products since I love cotton and I like the idea that it is a government endeavour which do support even a handful of Indians

  3. I completely agree with every point said.. Everything is commercialized nowadays! It is a day to celebrate I agree but not by buying things at discounted prices!! We talk about unity in diversity.. maybe that existed earlier but not now... So nobody is really patriotic or willing to respect what the day stands for.

    1. True Deepika. To put things blatantly, I feel people from different ends of our country are far removed, at least sentimentally from each other and I really feel sad about it.
      I hope, at least, in our limited world of blogosphere, at least we do stand up as one :)

  4. Most ppl in our generation don't even go out to vote. I'm the only one in my circle of friends who votes. Expecting ppl to value Independence day / Republic Day is asking for too much in such a scenario. The only day that matters is when India wins some cricketing cup.

    And to be truthful I also get the cynicism, we pay such high taxes yet get little in return from the govt. The women are not safe in this country, the infrastructure sucks. The politicians have let the country down and that has resulted in a mind-set that says, I know the country won't look out for me, so I need to do that myself.

    1. Ohh, and for that pizza ad, I have realised that brands have lil to no ethics or values these days. just a few mnths ago, we had some wash promising to make our Vags fairer & more appealing to men. They'll say & do anything for profits. :(

    2. I still do not understand the concept of not voting. With due respect, even if the parties are just the opposite sides of the same coin, still it shows a choice. For myself, I would actually feel guilty if I don't vote. In one election I remember, I was just recovering from chicken pox, still I went out because I wanted to at least exercise the minimum power I enjoy as an ordinary citizen.
      As for the mind-set, it's too deep rooted and I sometimes do feel at a loss about what to do!

  5. Thats a well written article Nivi..loved readin every word...these days, people r mad after discounts..in future, even if some leader dies, they will celebrate with discounts..no offence..anyways.Happy independence day..:)


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