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My International Giveaway!!!

I had thought of delaying the giveaway a bit more. But excited as I am couldn't hold my horses much longer. Since I would be hosting it, I see no point in keeping you friends waiting.
Depending on the response I might be adding a few more goodies. But here are the things you can win. The goodies in the image are mine. Yours would be brand new. So, no worries.

The prize is
1 Faces Go Chic Eyeshadow Quad in Mauve Taupe
2 Faces Co Chic Lipstick in Poppy Red
3 Faces Go Chic lipstick in Fig
4 Faces Go Chic Lipstick in Carnation Pink
5 Air Brush Stick-on Nail Kit ( unboxed)

The Giveaway is open IINTERNATIONALLY which means anybody can enter unless prohibited by law to participate or ship.

For Participation:

1 You have to follow me through GFC    2 entries
2 You have to like me on facebook here  2 entries

For extra Entries:
3 Follow me on Twitter                                                                              1 entry
4 Retweet about this giveaway with the link to this post                               2 entries
5 Write a nice blogpost  containing at least 50 words along with the image above.  10 entries
6 Subscribe through email and do not forget to verify and confirm later from your mailbox  5 entries
7 Place in on you side bar                                                                      5 entries
8 Share this on facebook                                                                        2 entries
9 Add me to your G+ circle                                                                    1 entry

Since I would like to give a fair chance to all for rules 5 and 6, non-bloggers can send me reviews               ( maximum 3 . each would have 5 extra entries)              3X5= 15

Leave a message telling me anything under the sun say some funny incident, or what you would like to see more on this page, your favorite lipstick, whatever along with your GFC name, twitter name and the links to your entries and the total number of entries.

The giveaway starts now and ends on November 11th which is the day my blog turns 2!!! After that we may have another grand giveaway!!

NB:This is a self-sponsored giveaway. All the products are bought with my own money. Once I dispatch the prize, I am not to be help responsible for any kind of loss, damage or local customs.


  1. Thanks a lot for the giveaway ..favorite lipstick MAC Crosswires

    GFC Name Saumya ,
    twitter name - @dvanitybag
    total number of entries - 15

    Links to entries


  2. My fav Lip shade is Glamshine 105

    My GFC Name is Ruby Parmar
    Twitter Name is @BAccessorized

    Link to entries are:

  3. hey lovely giveaway ! i am in :)
    GFC name:Samannita Modak
    Like your facebook page.Facebook name;-toa modak
    Twitter name:@toamodak
    Retweet about this giveaway:-https://twitter.com/ToaModak/status/239686698840244225
    Wrote blogpost on this giveaway .here is the link:-http://samannita.blogspot.in/2012/08/a-international-giveaway.html
    Subcribe through email:-toa.aich@gmail.com
    place it on my blog's sidebar:-http://samannita.blogspot.in
    I have followed each and every rules.hope to win ! :)
    Really a nice giveaway !
    Shared this giveaway in facebook:-https://www.facebook.com/toa.modak/posts/435696233139279
    Added you on G+ circles.my G+ account name:-samannita modak

    1. A lovely giveaway you are hosting.my fav.lipstick is from colorbar now ! but i want to have a mac lippie in my makeup box....:)

  4. Hiii :) :)
    Happy to see your blog turning 2! :)
    I love the posts on your blog, I read them on the go as generally I am INTO my college work but yes learn a lot of beauty tips, thank you!
    My Entries:
    1) GFC Name: Megha Shrimali (same FB name) like your page already!
    2) Subscribed to the Newsletter
    3) Shared on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/momo2160/posts/463336540353620
    4) Wrote blogpost on my blog: http://shrimalimegha246.blogspot.in/2012/08/giveaway-by-beauty-at-times-is-skin-deep.html
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    6) Added you on my G+ Circle, Account name: Megha Shrimali

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  8. Thankyou for this giveaway! What nice that's your blog turning 2! ^^
    1. GFC: lie-ying
    2. Like your facebook page: lieying ng
    3. Follow on Twitter: lieyingwu
    Entries: 6
    Email: lie-ying_wu@live.nl

  9. I cannot live without my lippies.....will go nuts if i loose even a single product I possess..

    GFC name: chandana Tantri
    twitter name: Chandan78490083
    facebook name: Chandana Tantri
    subscribed through id: chandana.tantri@yahoo.in
    tweet link :
    facebook link:
    Add me to your G+ circle: added, with the account name chandana Tantri

    Total entries as of now is 15.
    Planning to send you 3 posts since I am a non-blogger. Then my entries would be 30.

  10. GFC laura f
    FB latika

  11. GFC: agnieszkazg
    Facebook: Agnieszka Insińska

    For extra Entries:
    Twitter: @agusiazg
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    G+: Agnieszka Insińska

    email: agoooooosia@gmail.com

    total entries: 10

  12. Hey Nivi.. I would like to see more eye make up tutorials and you know why :D It has become my new love :)

    1. GFC name: Apoorva Writes
    2.Facebook Name: Apoorva Writes
    3.Twitter Name: Apoorva_Writes
    4.Shared on twitter. Here is the link:
    5.Shared on FB.Here is the link:

    Its late now, will do a nice blog post 2m and share it again here :)
    Thanks for the nice give away!
    Keep the lipsticks with you and please make me win the eye shadows :D

    1. The complete entry :
      1.GFC: Apoorva Writes
      2.Facebook: Apoorva Writes
      3.Twitter: Apoorva_Writes
      4.Shared on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Apoorva_Writes/status/241232382315859969
      5.Blog post link:
      6.Subscription id:
      7.Posted on my side bar:
      8.Shared on FB:
      9.Google plus:
      Apoorva Writes

      Wish me all the best :) I really wanna have the eye shadows :D

  13. hey gal i too want to learn eye makeup like appu.

    1. GFC NAME: smita singh
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    3. FB name: smita singh
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    6. Networked blogger name: smita singh
    7. Blog Link ( to check sidebar): http://smitazzworld./blogspot.in

    I want to win this giveaway nivi :)

    1. will learn together Smita di :)

    2. hi aapuu...u r my sweetheart <3

  14. HEy Nivedita .. awesome giveaway!! I like all the shades of the lip colors!!

    1. GFC: Yendrilla Sengupta
    Twitter Handle: @yendrilla
    FB name: Yendrilla Sengupta
    Fb Share: http://www.facebook.com/yendrilla.sengupta.5/posts/139808286161741
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    Blog Post: http://ysengupta.blogspot.in/2012/08/beauty-at-times-is-skin-deeps.html
    Google + : Yendrilla Sengupta
    Networked Blog Name: Yendrilla Sengupta
    Subscribed email id : yensenta@gmail.com

  15. hey nivi,

    Here is my link to blog post about your giveaway :


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  17. hi dear..thanks for the give away..

    GFC : preethi prasad

    FB : preethi prasad

    Twitter : @ preethi

    blog link: http://cutepinksandpurples.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/international-giveaway-by-nivedita.html

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  19. Mandatory
    1 GFC: Sania
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    1. My url has been changes as following .. Please consider it ..

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  21. my fav lipstick right now is flormar long wearing lipstick!

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  22. thx for great giveaway! ^^

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  23. GF name: Luisa Andrade
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    Twitter follower: @Xikilim
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  24. GFC:Luiza M
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    Thank you so much for the giveaway, really nice prizes

  25. kasztner eliza31/8/12 8:31 pm

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    Thank so much for this giveaway :3 !

  26. GFC: Pranali
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    Total: 20
    do more makeup tutorials please :D

  29. I am a frequent visitor in your blogs, this post is very interesting and easy to read .... I hope to visit again

  30. GFC: Isaa
    Facebook : Isabel Almeida
    i would like to see more nail art :)

    extra :

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    10 entries

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  32. gfc:patricia dias
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  33. https://www.facebook.com/helena.braga.338/posts/371188046285282

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  35. Hello Nivedita I'm a new follower, this is such an awesome opportunity and lovely giveaway.

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  36. Blog follower: Andreia Batista
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  37. my favourite lipstick is 'classy' from elf :p
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    kisses from Portugal! :D

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  39. follow through GFC - Blush Blog
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  40. lovely giveaway..am in
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  41. love the giveaway
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  42. omg forget to add my email

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  46. Mandatory
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  52. lipstick MAC Crosswires it's my favorite

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    HI!!what an awesome giveaway you have here!!i love your post!! it's so empowering,
    to embrace every flaw i have & enhance it.. & i'd love to see some DIY or beauty advices.. thanks:D

  57. Thanks for giveaway!I love any kind of tutorials...never enough!
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