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Vedic line Bio under eye gel with SPF:None of your puffiness!

Vedic line Bio under eye gel with SPF review
Next to acne, the issue I have is with my under eyes. Perhaps I do everything that gives you dark circles... starting from staying up too late at night to what not.. Some times, if I have slept badly I do wake up with puffy eyes which refuses to subside.

My experience: I have been using the Vedic line Bio Under gel ( with SPF) for more than a month by now and I was wondering if it was doing me any good. I did try it as a night treatment, but did not notice anything
drastic. Until one day I woke up with puffy eyes and was too embarrassed since I looked really ill. After my bath, as usual, I put on the gel underneath the eyes. And was leafing through the newspaper while letting the gel to be absorbed. When I came back I was just shocked!!! There was no sign of any kind of puffiness whatsoever!!

How I describe it? It's a clear gel which feels a bit slippery like the core of an aloe vera leaf. If spreads around very easily and does take a min to get completely absorbed and dry up. It does not leave any kind of residue whatsoever.
Once absorbed, the skin feels tight ( not stretchy), the fine lines I think kind of becomes less noticeable.

So, here is how it boils down to in my opinion:

  1. It's a clear gel. The gel texture makes it suitable for use even underneath makeup.
  2. It worked AMAZING on puffiness.
  3. Easy to spread around and gets absrobed/dries up without any oily residue which might have otherwise creased your eye makeup.
  4. Imparts a nice sensation, not tingling or anything. But when I put it on first, it kind of feels relaxing on the skin .. I don;t know.. but something very comfortable.
  5. 65ml ml for 140 INR is cheap!! I am really glad with the brand that they made something which is effective and really affordable!
  6. I cannot explain how exactly, but these days, I think my under eye area has improved. Previously, at the end of the day, my eyes would look too tired and strange. On days, when I do put this gel on, I feel that has improved the situation a lot.
  7. This one is meant for day time use and looks like the brand had given a thought to the issues we often have in all in one products.

  1. This is available only online.
  2. It does not  'moisturize' the under eye area or improve dark circles ( which it does not claim to do either). So, I don't know if I should really accuse the brand or the product for not delivering what it claims to. For that they have another product, a cream for night time use.
  3. It claims to have SPF, but there is no indication of the strength. So, I am doubtful on that.

And the Ingredient list:

Verdict: I am really impressed with the product. of whatever items I have used from Vedic line, I am most impressed with this one the most. I love the product and the fact that it is so affordable. I am planning to get hold of the eye cream soon, once my Himalaya Under Eye cream ( which is a great undereye cream btw) is used up.

Who should try? Ladies with puffy eyes.
Who can skip: If you have been looking for something that would help dark circles.
Shall I repurchase? oh yeah!!

What about you? Try or skip?


  1. i really need this :) thank u. will check it out. when my fab india wala gets over

  2. Have tried 5 products so far from vedicline and I'm so pleasantly surprised by their quality and pricing. This one looks worth checking out, my eyes look like puffed pillow ind morning and this wud surely help! Thanks for sharing

  3. Nivedita, does it help to fade dark circles also.? I am also really liking the Vedic Line products I tried.

    1. Prachi, thi one takes care of the puffiness, but cream takes care of the dark circle

  4. This sounds nice..I too get puffy eyes at times..we all are night owls no..

  5. the brand is definitely promising!!

  6. Wow!!! Its works really fast!! Can use it when you really need to get rid of those puffy eyes in a jiffy :)


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