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REVLON EYE PENCIL In Gold and Black –Review & Swatch

By Apoorva

Hi Ladies,
I am here to post a review on an everyday beauty essential of every girl, An Eye Pencil.
This particular two way pencil is from REVLON. 

399 INR
What it is ?
It is a two way eye pencil from Revlon. It has Black at one end and gold at the other.

We all know about the Revlon Eye pencils. They are famous for their utmost smooth.
Even this pencil has the smoothness and it easily glides on the eye lid. I at times apply the black pencil on the water line of the eye.
In this, I am totally impressed with the GOLD end.
So I want to share more information on this.
Life Expectancy :P

The look:
It looks like this.
It has REVLON written on it.

More pics of the product.

The product claims to be waterproof. Indeed it is true in the case of the black side. The gold liner doesn’t stay protected.
It has the caps to cover up both the ends.
And one cap has an inbuilt sharpener incase if we need to sharp instantly.
 My Experience with the product:
I was always interested on the eye pencils rather than liquid eye liner. So When I saw this in the store I was instantly smitten by this and bought it right away.
As usual my expectations were high on the product. And this pencil proved every claim of it and stood close to my heart.
I can never imagine finishing off this product as I got to know that this product is no longer available in the market sob sob L

Here, you can see the swatches.
I have marked the single and double swipes.I tried putting on some water just to make sure it is waterproof, the black line stayed back while the gold one went away L
On me:

As I already told you,many of you might have seen the black liner so I want to put the gold one on my eye and show off.
So Here I am

·         Perfect product to define lines.
·         It can be applied on the eye lid or on the waterline or any where you wish yo:D
·         Waterproof
·         Handy
·         Awesome product for all the runaway beauties.
·         In built sharpener is a plus.
·         Doesn’t smudge. Stays on its own defined place
·         The Gold end is the beauty!
·         Availability.
·         Gold line is not water proof.
I hope you liked my review.
Thanks Nivedita for the opportunity.
I wish to write more posts on your blog.

Editor's Note: Thank you so much Apporva for the review . Indeed it was a lovely review because, blame it on my ignorance, I did not know of these pencils. The gold sold me out since I have a weakness for golds.
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  1. OH MY GOD!!
    thank u so much. I just emailed you yesterday and its here! on your blog.!
    So quick.
    Thanks for the Lovely description.
    Thank u so much for not keeping me wait.
    Thanks for giving me space in your blog :)

    1. Hey Apoorva, sorry for not being able to respond. I am down with fever again! The pleasure is mine dear.
      I would rather thank you for kindly letting me publish your lovely and interesting review!

    2. Aiyyo! :(
      Take care dear.
      Get Well soon.

  2. Great review!! :) I've been curious about these. Cute blog!

  3. The gold end looks really nice and this is such a great and thrifty way to have two shades in one pencil!

    1. Yes.. Very true.. I fell in love with these series instantly :)


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