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Sleep Well tonight

Some people in this world are blessed with the power of falling asleep anywhere and at anytime of the day. But some like me, do not have that luck. I am, by default an owl, even, even when I was an infant. But then, I would be able to sleep in the daytime as well. Later,  in my teens, during my college days, and even now, I struggle with insomnia.  It's not that I can sleep through the day.  Once asleep, if I am disturbed, I cannot go back to sleep however jaded I feel or however ill. During my exams, sometime I went with only 2 hours of sleep in three days and I tell you, however cool it may sound, or however devilishly I had worked, it's not the best thing you want. On the day of your exam, you really don't want to walk into the exam hall with a terrible headache, however well-prepared you are.

I had got medical aid for quite some time . After a certain point, even sleeping pills started to fail and luckily,  being afraid of drugs ( even antacids), I  got some counseling and self-healing from introspection.
So, my take of battling this demon might be a bit different from the regular 'eat well, exercise and remain stress-free' advice.

Here are a few tips that comes in handy for me. Some advised by the doctors, some my own.

1 If you notice that while you get into your bed, you feel uncomfortable, or your bed doesn't give you the comfort or relaxed feeling that it should while you try to sleep, try to find out if your mattresses are alright for you. Do you feel physically uncomfortable? Does your pillow feel to big and too high? Are you comfortable in that specific posture?

2 If those are not the problem, try not to lie down or sit on your bed during the day time. Go near your bed only while you want to sleep.That way, the psyche should get the feeling that ' a  bed is only meant for sleeping!'

3 The MOST IMPORTANT thing DEBUG! No, I am not talking about the creatures that nick you. I am talking about your mind. Mostly, when you are worried about something, and then trying to rest, if you are stressed out, you keep reflecting on things when you are alone or in bed. The thoughts keep coming back and the brain gets worked up and you are not able to sleep. try to find out what's bugging you even if you don;t want to face it. Trust me, not facing a problem goes far deeper than you know. I am not getting into theories of psychology. But even if you really don't want to talk about, discuss or admit your problems, they don;t just vanish. They go deeper into your conscious and subconscious mind and bug you. Even if you have to make some strong decisions, go ahead and resort it. Postponing it another day would not reduce the problem.
For my part, a few years ago, I had come to that point. Sleeping pills were not helping me enough and the doctor rightly explained there were certain things which were bugging me. I could use some counselling. Luckily, I knew what the problem was, and made some decisions. It was painful, it was a very unstable situation. But still doing the right things helped me.
A couple of months ago, I actually threw away a strip of my prescription pills because I did not have to even complete my course and the pills eventually expired. Once I sorted things out, I slept well.
If you need a counseling, see a doctor. It doesn't mean you are insane or anything. It's just you get help from trained professionals.

4 If you are ill, see a doctor. Sometimes, I do get bad headaches from my sinusitis and migraine and the pain would just not let me sleep. Medication helps but sleeping pills are not the solution!

Now, here comes the traditional words of wisdom.

5 Eat well. I think our body is very unique. Doctors suggest light meal at night. For my part, I feel sleepy after a heavy meal and I am too hungry in the night because I do everything in those small hours. And if I am hungry, I don't sleep well. So, I eat light during the daytime and reserve the heavy meals for the night.

Spicy food may keep you up. So, stay away.

6 Drink plenty of water. Dehydration never did anybody good!

7 Hahahah! Exercise. With our lifestyle, we are too busy to hit the gymn and I am too lazy for yoga. So, what I do is, I walk. I walk back home, I walk whenever I get a chance. It helps me stay fit, makes me feel good and also saves me some money. LOL!!
A brisk walking is refreshing as well as a good exercise and yes, useful.

C'est tous! Enough of my gyan!

Hope this helps.

I am not a doctor, neither I am a psychiatrist. But, during my tough journey of wooing sleep, this is what I have learnt. Hope you find this useful. :P


  1. Have to agree with all your points, me an insomniac since years. but finally started working out and getting tired before my actual bed time. very well written article.

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  3. Woah Gal!!! That was a different insight fr people like me who nvr has/had issues vid sleep....thnk u soo much for letting us knw the other side of the rainbow :)

  4. i can relate to point 3

  5. the pic is creative - liked ur watch

  6. thank you very much for sharing the information ... god bless you


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