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Vedic line Papaya Scrub: Two-in One?

Did I tell you that I am trying out products from Vedic line? For me, apparently, there is no reason why I would suddenly try a new brand. But since vedic line had sent in some products for my opinion, I kind of fell in love with them and had been purchasing the other products as well. This Papaya Scrub was among the products that the brand had sent in.

I would not go into much details because there is a reason. Which is, I think this product is just the same as their anti-blemish Papaya pack which I had reviewed here, only with added scrub.

How about it as a scrub?
In the creamy pack, the scrubs are suspended. It's not your fine scrub, but real apricot-shell flecks. On my sensitive skin, it did not break out. Still, I cannot imagine using this while I have acne.

So, how do I use it?
Just like the pack I spread it around on my entire face and leave it on for some time. Only at the end, I take some time to gently ( very gently in fact), to massage it on my skin and then wash off.

What did it do to my skin?
Just like the pack. It cleared my tan, make my skin look very fresh and clean. I am under the impression, used routinely, it would yield very good result... only I am too lazy :(
For the rest, it;s just the same as the Papaya Face pack.

What do I say?
If you want to try this out, but cannot because every kind of scrub breaks you out, I would suggest not to risk it. Instead, go for the face pack.
I have heard oily-skinned beauties complaining about this being too creamy. No, it won't break you out. Since it contains fruit pulp ( I am under that impression), it is creamy. But trust me, it did not break me out. This is not your regular scrub.

Do I recommend? yes.
Shall I repurchase? I would go for the Papaya Pack which is the same product even the ingrdient list reads the same. But I try to avoid all kind of scrubs.

A 100 ml comes for about 160 INR which is I would say great for the product quality.

Have you tried these? How did you like?

The product was sent to me by the brand. Opinions are my own.


  1. nivi I hv used face pack from same range, it was good :)

    1. :) Even I am pretty impressed for the price and the quality. I think with bands like these coming up, the bars are getting higher

  2. Me loving vedic line anti-aging night cream :)

    1. Cool! I would like to try it as well. Please share with us your impressions of it please


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