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What I actually wore on my eyes to my counsin's ashirbad

Last time I had shared an EOTD with you which I was planning to wear at my cousin's engagement. I had also promised to redo and shoot in the day light and come up with a photo tutorial. But before the actual day, I changed my mind and did a different makeup altogether. Reasaons?
  1. The day was too humid.
  2. I wanted to go for something lighter since it was during the day time.
  3. I love my gold.
  4. I AM A WOMAN AND I DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE MY MIND!!! Do I need any more reasons? I would share my complete photos, but I am waiting for a bunch which my counsin would send out to me.

I wanted to go for a gold eye makeup which should not be OTT in the day time yet, luxuriant enough.
The photos have been clicked  after 12 hours straight , after I got back home at the end of the day. ( sorry guys, I am a late riser. My parents actually went over there and had to send  the car back :P)

So, even if the liner has cracked and flaked a bit, the shadow smudged a bit and the eyebrows fillings completely faded, hope you still say 'WOW!! That's wearable!!"

Here are a few more shots

And another

Who's game for another? Me!! LOL!!!

For products used, list, tutorials, stay tuned until the weekend.


  1. :) I too love gold on my eyes :)
    your eyes are looking beautiful niv :)
    loved the fact that there isn't too much going on over your eyes :)

    1. Thanks Namz. Yeah. I am relieved at last!! You just reminded me that I have to go for a check up :P

  2. Your eye makeup looks fab Nivedita !

  3. thts a gorgeous and wearable look for weddings swtz..
    nice one..i lik hw d crease color tones dwn d gold color..perfect nivs!!
    cant wait fr d pics 2 cme !!!

    1. I always love gold Sunu. Instead of a chaos of colors, on occasions like these, I prefer this kind of rich looks.
      The best ones are there with my cousin. yet to get them :(

  4. loved it nivi..u hav really pretty eyes

    1. Thank you Preetha. I wish I had time to shoot it in the morning when it was more intense

  5. lovely Niveditha....and your last reason was good enough to justify your change of mind!

    1. Hahahaha! Isn't that out prerogative? :P

  6. wow! I really like it!


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